7 Kinds Of Kites That Act Just Like Different Kinds Of Humans

The Raipur Kite Bazaar Four days before Uttarayan

It is the time to fly kites! With Makar Sankranti just around the corner, most of us have already begun our loved sport of kite-flying.

Watching the kites soar in the skies is a different delight and those who are frequent kite-fliers know that not all kites will act like you want them to. In this article, we are doing a fun comparison of different kinds of humans that act just like kites when set loose in the sky.

1. The Free Kite:

The crazy kite will fly in any direction it wishes to and tumbles down without any warning. No matter how much you try to control it, it will fly just like it wishes to. It doesn’t seem to realise that it is in fact tied to a firki! It resembles the freedom-loving human who lives boundless, carefree and is independent. No matter how much you try, they will not follow rules or believe in tradition. They act out of their own will.

2. The Steady Kite:

Who doesn’t love this type of a kite? It will fly steady and reach to a great height. You don’t really have to do much to control this one. It knows its way. This one resembles a focused and firm human. Just like kites, this kind of human is known for its focus. They can keep their calm and accomplish what they want irrespective of the direction in which the wind flows.

3. The Cheat Kite:

You would tie the kanni of this kite with so much dedication and make it soar higher with too much effort. Just then – out of the blue – the kite will cut loose! You will stand lapeting your firki in utter frustration of all your efforts going to waste! This one resembles the selfish, unreliable human.  They will make you feel that they are doing something for your own good and lead you into trusting them and then suddenly when their purpose is served, they will sprint, leaving you agitated and hurt!

4. The Star Kite:

The huge, fancy kite that is ten times the size of a usual one that flies in spite of a gazillion people trying to cut it loose! It will start right from the bottom and keep soaring higher while many other smaller kites continue to try and stop its course in vain. This one resembles the alpha human. Many humans are born with alpha personalities – they are, like elephants – walking across the jungle with all their might with flies buzzing around their ears.

5. The Fancy Kite:

Photo: SAM PANTHAKY/AFP/Getty Images

You were out kite-shopping and fell in love with a beautiful kite with an amazing design and fancy colours. It was expensive but you couldn’t resist buying it. But when you got on the terrace and decided to fly it – it simply didn’t. It kept tumbling down, refusing to take a flight no matter what you do. This kite resembles the fake, pseudo human. These humans are beautiful from the outside and will lure into doing a lot of things. It will take you some time to realise that they are actually, very hollow from within! They look fancy but are completely fake.

6. The Aggressive Kite:

This one is strong and will cut every other kite that comes in its way, loose. It is like a strong bull and it can stay in the sky for very long, often attracting the envy of others. It will aim for the top and won’t nose dive! You will end up cutting your fingers while flying it. It resembles the aggressive human. They are feisty, short-tempered and will get their way even if it means by hurting someone else. Sometimes, they are angry for the right reason, sometimes they aren’t. They will get there, by being aggressive.

7. The Odd Kite:

Photo: Pinterest

When you bought your bunch of kites, this one looked weird. It wasn’t the normal shape of the kite and you thought that it wasn’t going to fly. But when you ran out of your stock of kites and decided to give this one a try, it actually performed excellently. In spite of its odd or broken shape, it managed to fly as high as the other kites. This resembles the black-sheep-human. They are often disregarded and never taken seriously. But when given a chance to perform they excel, sometimes do well that the normal people. They are the weird ones, the artists, the ones who do not fall into any category.

What kind of a kite are you?

Enjoy kite-flying! And don’t forget to share this article!

Preview Photo: flickr.com

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