7 Lovely Facts About Cats That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them All Over Again

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

Sigmund Freud

“Meow,” says that cute ball of fur with its lovely eyes staring right at you. How can you not fall in love with them? Even if you are a dog person, you’ll find cats – especially kittens – very lovable.

Today is International Cats Day! And we know how much you love them. Here are some amazing facts about cats that you might now know:

1. Cats greet through their noses:

The cute kitties touch their noses when they greet each other, just like how we shake hands.

2. The cats sweat through their paws:

Yeah, that explains the wet footprints they leave behind during humid weather.

3. The kitties sleep for most of the time in their life:

What a life! Cats sleep for around 70% of the time of their lives. Maybe they are too relieved to have 9 lives!

4. Cats have been spies and ran as mayors:

That’s completely true. The CIA in the 1960s, once made a cat a spy by implanting in its ear. In 2013, a cat ran for the post of the mayor in Mexico!

5. If the cat is a male, it is usually left-pawed:

And if the cat is a female, it is right-pawed in most cases. What if we had something like that in humans as well?

6. Cats have whiskers for a reason:

The cat’s whiskers are helpful to detect objects – and if they can manage to fit through a certain space.

7. The first cat in space survived the trip:

Astrocat, as the cat was fondly referred to was French and survived her spaceflight. She was named Felicette. Damn!

How many of these cat facts did you know? Share the article with your catlover friends!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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