7 Really Strange Laws In The World That Will Surprise You

The law and order system seems to exist to create order from chaos. We don’t want to debate on whether that has really happened but there are some laws that simply are really strange enough to raise your eyebrows.

We don’t really know why such laws were made!

Have a look:

1. You can be fined for chewing gum in Singapore:

Chewing gum (except for therapeutic purposes) is banned in Singapore. The law was first created to ensure that public property wasn’t damaged and cleanliness was maintained.

2. In a small French hamlet, dying within city limits is not allowed:

In 2008, Mayor Gerard Lalanne forbidding the people living in the French town of Sarpourenx from dying within its limits as the hamlet had run out of burial spaces.

3. Allegedly, it is a crime to forget your wife’s birthday:

In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday! Well, the outcome is worse in all other places in the world – if you want to know what happens, try forgetting her birthday once.

4. Goldfish bowls are banned here:

In Rome, you cannot have round goldfish bowls according to a law that was put in place in 2005. The animal rights activists found this practice to be cruel. Also, walking your dog is mandatory.

5. You cannot pee in the ocean here:

Remember how you hesitated to step into a public pool or other water body worried that people would have peed in it? Portugal outlawed peeing in the oceans. We don’t know how they check it though.

6. In this country, you cannot drive while wearing flip-flops or with groceries in the back seat:

In Spain, driving while wearing flip-flops is illegal. You cannot have groceries in the back seat of a convertible. No idea why this was enacted.

7. You cannot wear high heels in this area of Greece:

Wearing high heels in Greek archaeological sights like the Acropolis is banned. Authorities believe that wearing high heels pierces the structures and damages it.

Which one did you find to be the most bizarre?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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