7 Shows On Netflix India That Are Very Gripping!

Netflix has changed the way India entertains itself. Along with its competitors like Amazon Prime and Hotstar, Netflix has brought in a digital revolution.

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Ever since Netflix launched in India, giving the first month free to users as a trial, it has made waves across the country, making entertainment even more convenient than before. Although some users find Netflix steeply priced at ₹500 a month compared to Amazon Prime that is ₹499 a year, it has received amazing response.

Netflix is a treasure trove of shows and movies. How do you choose what to watch?

Here is a list of shows we compiled that you could choose to watch. They are extremely gripping and you might just binge-watch them!

1. Limitless:

This show starring Jake McDorman, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Carpenter and Hill Harper is about a pill that changes the life of a failed musician, Brian Finch. Brian finds himself in a rather bizarre situation and is introduced to this pill called ‘NZT’. Some days, later he is FBI. How? Watch it for a gripping drama experience directed by Craig Sweeny.

2. Outlander:

What if you find yourself in a completely different era than the one you are currently in? An era in the past where you fall in love – again. This epic tale is adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s book by the same name. The series stars Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies.

3. Madam Secretary:

Ever wondered what goes on, on the inside of The White House in the United States Of America? Here is a journey of a woman who is, to her surprise called into for the job of the Secretary Of State. She struggles to find a balance between her family and her job – that revolves around world politics.

4. Sherlock:

This one starring Benedict Cumberbatch, does not need much of an introduction. The series that has Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective that was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle solve crime mysteries with his ‘genius’, ‘sociopath-like’ behaviour along with Dr. Watson. This series is set in modern London.

5. House Of Cards:

Another TV series about The White House that traces the journey of Frank & Claire Underwood and the politics they play to get what they want – the most powerful position in the United States Of America. This Netflix original shows what becomes of a person who allows himself/herself to get corrupted by politics. The series stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

6. The Crown:

This drama, according to Netflix, ‘follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.’ Most of us wonder what goes on in the life of a royal and how every decision they make impacts the generations to come – this drama is an answer to that. It stars Claire Foy, John Lithgow and Matt Smith.

7. Gossip Girl:

This is for those who love gossip and teenage drama. This series is about a group of hyper-privileged and filthy rich kids who want everything they get and indulge into activities that they would not want the world to know. An anonymous blogger who goes by the name ‘Gossip Girl’ is watching their every move.

Netflix has a lot of hidden gems and shows that are amazingly directed and written. Explore yourself for more life-changing, intelligent stuff to watch on the platform!

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