Terrifying Horror Films That Are Based On True Stories : Part 1

Today when horror movies are made, the director visions the entire film like a real life incident and then starts shooting. That increases the spooky factor in the films.

While most of the horror films are fiction – and pretty good fiction – some are based on true stories.

The movies listed below are some of those that are based on real incidents:

The Conjuring (2013):

This is one of the most famous horror movies among the watchers. The name of the movie – The Conjuring – has a meaning. Not many know that the name means ‘performance of magical tricks’.

The real life incident which led to the direction of the movie is this. When a mother brought her daughter a doll, spooky events began happening. Ed and Lorraine Warren played a part in the investigation of the case, discovering that the doll is possessed by a evil spirit called Annabelle. All this was out as the mother and daughter saw that the doll had its own living life.

Whereas in the movie Perrons move in a new house and get to know that they’re not alone in the house. Weird things take place, like the couples’ kids see strange reflections in the mirror, a foul smell begins emanating from nowhere and the doors slam at odd hours without any wind. The Perrons then turn to the Warrens who perform an exorcism.

However unlike the movie, in real life the ‘Bathsheba’ the dark spirit did not leave Carolyn’s body until the Warren’s left the house. She continued to harass them in various ways for more than a decade as the Perrons had financial constraints and couldn’t leave the house. In 1980, the Perrons moved away to Georgia. Years later, Andrea Perron wrote called ‘House Of Darkness : House Of Light’ that narrated their ordeal.

Robert (2015):

This doll named Robert, has not let many people sleep in real life. The doll is a gift from a housemaid for revenge when she is fired from a house. After the doll is gifted, there is a havoc created inside the house, as the members of the house see the doll moving here and there at a great speed, and also winking due to which they get scared.

In the movie Robert, a couple named Paul and Jenny are on the verge of firing their aged housekeeper, due to her ineffectiveness in the work and because she has developed a habit of forgetting things. To take revenge, she gifts the couple a doll called Robert.

Upon the housekeeper’s leaving the house, strange things begin happening.

Robert, the doll, dressed in a white sailor suit, is currently at a museum in Key West, Florida. Many people say that they have seen it blinking and moving.

In 1897,  a family lived in Key West. They owned a huge plantation and had many workers working for them who were often humiliated. One of the servant girls gave the family’s son, Robert Eugene Otto, a doll. Robert who was often referred to as ‘Gene’ gave his original name to the doll.

Folk tales say that the servant girl who gave the doll to Gene, knew voodoo. Soon after, the doll wreaked havoc in the household of the Ottos. The doll was put in the attic and years later, the Ottos died and the house was sold to a new family who experienced similar spooky happenings.


Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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