Phoolwati, 70, a widow, donated Rs 40 lakhs, her life savings for building a gaushala and other charitable works.


Samyak Sheth

Phoolwati a 70 year old widow from Patni, Madhya Pradesh now living in Uttar Pradesh, donated her life savings for charitable works. She has a passion for cow protection.

Photo: Times Of India

Five years after the death of Phoolwati’s husband and daughter in a town in MP, she came to Mathura in 1982. Phoolwati has been collecting donations from visitors to Banke Bihari temple by looking after their shoes at gate no 2.

She has made savings over the decade and by selling the property in Katni, she donated Rs 40 lakhs to build a gaushala and dharamshala in Vrindavan, for holding rituals of Lord Krishna at the Banke Bihari temple in Mathura.

She is planning to collect more money through donations for building another cow shelter at Barsana.

Phoolwati told a leading daily, “Cow shelter are the best way to honour Lord Krishna, which is why I put everything I had to build one. I have attachment with Lord Krishna and no one else and that’s why I have given away whatever I had in service to the lord.”

She has a son staying in Katni. She visits him sometimes but has no intention to stay with him.

She does not like to discuss her acts of generosity with anyone, admitting she sold her property for donating to build a gaushala.

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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