8 Things About Kim Jong Un That Will Show You The Kind Of Leader North Korea Has

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North Korea has been in the epicentre of controversy every now and then.

A country is often defined by its leader. North Korea’s leader is Kim Jong Un – he is a dictator. There is no democracy in the country.

The supreme leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un is the chairman of Worker’s Party of Korea. Kim Jong Un came to power after the death of his father Kim Jong-il in 2011. Kim has been promoted to the Marshal rank of North Korea in the Korean Republic Army on 18 July 2012, he is the supreme commander of the Armed Forces, and is often referred as Marshal Jong Un.

Let us see some not so well known interesting facts about the North Korean:

1) There have been speculations about Kim’s real age. The US treasury department has listed Kim’s birth date as Jan 8, 1984. There are other sources which indicate that Kim was born on the same day but in 1983 a year before.

2) Kim Jong-il had seven children, out which four are daughters and three are sons, Kim Jong Un is the third youngest son.

Photo: NBC News

3) Kim Jong Un has a ‘mastery’ in execution and till now he has executed more than 300 people, out of which 140 are senior officials. Kim also executed his uncle Jang Song Thaek in the case of treachery. It is even alleged that Kim recently planned out the execution of his brother, Kim Jong-Nam at the Malaysian airport in 2017.

4) Kim Jong Un, as per the speculations of the Chinese Diplomats who are linked with the North Korean diplomats, has undergone a plastic surgery. Kim went through a plastic surgery only to look like his grandfather leader Kim Il-Sung, as per various theories.

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5) Kim Jong Un organized a special execution of an Assistant Chief of the Ministry of the People’s Armed forces by the mortar for being drunk during the funeral mourning of Kim’s father, ordering that ‘no trace of him down to his hair’ should be left.

6) Kim Jong Un is obsessed with basketball since childhood, especially Micheal Jordan. Kim’s schoolyard friends remembered that he “ spent hours doing meticulous pencil drawings”.

Photo: SF Gate

7) Kim Jong Un secretly studied in Switzerland and was introduced as a son of an embassy worker. Kim’s best friend Joao Micaelo was the only one aware of his friend’s truth. During the parents-teachers’ meetings excuses were given every time as to why Kim’s parents cannot attend, but no one there did have an idea that this was Kim Jong-Il’s son.

8) Kim Jong Un had and has serious health problems. He is a diabetic. Kim has a strong affection for smoking and cheese. After he was hospitalized for 6 weeks, he has gained 30kgs of weight and weighs around 130 kg.

How many facts did you know out of these eight?

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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