9 Success Tips From Shah Rukh Khan That Are Amazing

Shahrukh Khan is the most inspiring symbol for his fans. Khan belonged to an average middle-class family in Delhi and now he is a very popular actor of Bollywood.

Shahrukh Khan has, on a number of occasions, attempted to motivate people and conveyed his success mantras through interviews and appearances.

Here are the 10 tips which have helped him achieve success in life:

1) No space for negativity:

This is the most foremost and basic rule which should be implemented in everyone’s life – to never be negative.

SRK says, “Don’t be negative. It shows on your face.”

Life is extremely precious so not even a single second should be wasted on negativity. Have a positive outlook and you’ll be happy and successful in life.

2) Failure is part and parcel of life:

Failure is present in the life of all humans. There is only one thing worth remembering that failure is temporary and success too. There should be a balance in both as success should be always worked at, failure is something that has to overcome . People should never be proud of oneself as it is toxic to success.

Khan says, “Success and failure are both part of life. Both are not permanent.”

He also says, “I believe the true path to success is through the fear of failure. If you aren’t scared enough of failing, you are unlikely of succeed. It’s not pleasant to fail, it’s tough. All of us experience it. You will too if you haven’t already. Use it to succeed.”

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3) Hard work is the key to success:

Hard work is required in any work. People achieve success and fortune after putting in work hard, and grab the opportunity when it comes.

SRK says, “There is only one religion in the world – hard work.”

4) Belief in yourself:

There should be a firm feeling of belief within yourself. There is respect and loyalty which should be maintained to your beliefs, aspirations etc.

Shah Rukh Khan says, “Stand by what you believe in. People who mind won’t matter and people who matter won’t mind it.”

5) Standards should be set:

Qualities a human has within themselves are the biggest advantages in life. People should know what they are good at and that’s what is admired by all. Makes your place outside the crowd. Competition is with yourself as to be make yourself better than the past day.

SRK says, “I’m running in a race and people are on the other track, I’m running with myself.”

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6) Job, work or any profession is to be loved:

Everyone in life does not have a love for work or their jobs. Success at work is achieved by putting in all the heart in the work and accomplishing it.

Khan says, “If you don’t like something don’t do it, and if you’re doing something then you better like it. It is as simple as that.”

7) Objective should be bigger:

Anything you do even as simple as starting a business etc, the objective and perspective should not be limited, rather it should be big and broad.

When a human helps another, achievements are bound to happen.

Shah Rukh Khan once told The Economic Times, “If you have a desire to win a business in terms of numbers, you are limiting yourself. Guys like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mukesh Ambani have amazing minds. When I sit with them, I come to this conclusion that what they want to do is transform the lives of people through their products and services, because it makes them feel good.”

8) The journey of life is to be enjoyed:

The journey is always more overwhelming, experiencing, fruitful, growing and evolving than the goals or dreams achieved. Whenever good things happen they should be thanked.

SRK says, “The dream I chased took me on a journey. A journey more rewarding than the goals, the achievements.”

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9) Balance should be maintained between work and life:

Equal attention to work and life is essential. No mixture should happen among the two. When at home time given to family is important, and when at work focus should be on it.

The Badshah says,  “My family likes me as a person and not because I am an actor. I never mix the two.”

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Samyak Sheth

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