Here Is How One Day In The Life Of A Monk Is Like!

How much do you know about the world of the monks? Whether Buddhist, Christian or belonging to any religion, they seek peace. Here is a peek into their world!

There is a completely different world within this world which most of us are not aware. There are those who have renounced the world and live their lives in search of inner peace. Their lives are completely different their ours. They are monks.

Most monks wake up before sunrise at the toll of a bell of their monastery. While some monks wake up as early as 3 a.m., the others wake up at 4 or 5 a.m. It is believed by the preachers of yoga and meditation that the time right before sunrise is the best time to wake up.  After waking up the monks practice meditation for an hour followed by chanting. Sometimes, in some monasteries this may be coupled with reading psalms and reciting prayers. But what remains universal is seeking your soul the first thing in the morning.

Some monks have coffee before prayer while the others have breakfast after their daily meditation and ritual. What follows after could be walking barefoot and blessing the local people or being involved in manual jobs like the medieval monks that are aimed at community service like educating the children, taking medical care of the sick, feeding the hungry, washing and cooking for the monastery and other world that makes this world a better place to live in. For most monks, the entire morning is dedicated to work until their lunch. Some monks also prefer to eat an early lunch together in their place of worship before moving on with their daily tasks. Depending upon the practice of each monastery for some the lunch is the last solid food they eat until the sunrise of the next day and for some others the last meal of the day is around the time of evening prayers.

Post lunch, the monks study religion. While some embrace classes in Buddhist teachings, some would want to learn more about Christianity. While some may prefer reading the scriptures, others would attend school outside the monastery to obtain wisdom and knowledge. No matter what religion they wish to practice they do that in an effort to find God and peace.

Thereafter, there is another evening prayer and meditation session and then the monks retire to do their reading or chose to sleep. It is silence that they preach throughout their simple day. Their routine remains the same throughout the week with an exception of some days where they leave out the manual labour work and instead focus on their vow of silence.

The monasteries are usually located in serene and peaceful locations, atop mountains or by the rivers. Nature, is considered to be the greatest teacher to understand about the meaning of life. In case of Buddhist Monks, they follow 277 strict rules that govern the matters of their daily life and conduct. All monks have to let go of their past completely and contact with the opposite sex is strictly forbidden. Their food is simple and their clothes are robes either saffron, white or shades of dark colours. Simplicity, peace and silence and synonymous to a monk’s life.

(Information collected from sources on the web)

Heer Khant
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