A Meagre $250 Reward Paid To Captain Mithali Raj Enrages The Internet

Indian Women’s Cricket Captain Mithali Raj won the Women Of The Match Award for her commendable score of 97 runs in 69 balls against Malaysia during the Asia Cup. The sportswoman’s on-field performance led to India’s first win in the tournament.

We all know that not just cricket but most Indian women’s sports have not been given due recognition. But when Mithali Raj was paid a meagre $250 reward as compared to the $1500-2500 reward paid to ‘Man Of The Match’, Twitter was quick to call out the discrimination.

The official account of the Indian Cricket Team posted her picture on Instagram, people had a lot to say.

A comment read, “250$ are you kidding? You don’t have shame to give such an amount for an international tournament. It’s like giving a slap dude, better not to give anything instead of insulting them.”

Another read, “@iccofficial @bcci_indseriously 250 is this is the way u support women cricket juss compare with what men get and what women r getting does equality make sense.”

Another person commented, “What a joke with woman’s team 250$ price for man of the match, this price depends on opposite side team if new one . Very funny #bcci #icc#indianews #ipl #ipl2018 #cricket #asiacup#asiacup2018.”

Yet another person said, “I am extremely sad to the MOM prize money, seriously 250usd. Such a shame.
@icc @bcci._official @bcciwomen.”

Many others joined in and voiced their opinions against this discrimination, wanting BCCI to make a change. While some explained that it was up to the sponsors to decide the money and since men’s cricket in India got a lot more sponsors, their rewards were higher. Maybe it’s time to start watching women’s cricket?

People are also asking why Mithali Raj did not play in today’s match, wondering what happened.

Preview Photo: thehindu.com

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