A Petition Was Filed This Month In Pakistan To Prove Bhagat Singh’s Innocence

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After 86 years of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh’s hanging, a new petition has been filed in Lahore High Court.

Pakistani advocate, Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi filed a new petition in Lahore High Court after 86 years of for an early hearing because Bhagat Singh was hanged for the murder of a British police officer. The petition filed by the lawyer of Pakistan to prove Singh’s innocence.

Advocate Qureshi runs the Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation in Lahore.

In the petition it is clearly mentioned that Singh was a freedom fighter and fought for the independence of India but no action has been taken though the division bench of the Lahore Court had asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan for the constitution of a larger bench to hear the petition filed by the lawyer.

Bhagat Singh is considered a hero even today, in the Punjabi dominated area of Lahore.

Advocate Qureshi clearly stated in his petition that the court should set aside the sentence of Singh by exercising principles of review and then order the government to honour him with a state reward.

Qureshi has been hoping that his case is heard this month.

Bhagat Singh was hanged by the Britishers on March 23, 1931, in Lahore. Singh was just 23. Singh was tried for commencing a conspiracy against the colonial government and also there was a case filed against Singh’s friends Rajguru and Sukhdev for killing a British Police officer, John P Saunders.

Pakistani Advocate Qureshi has also consistently insisted th efederal government for erecting a statue of Bhagat at the Shadman Chowk in Central Lahore area, where he was hanged along with the inmates.

Advocate Qureshi said that there was a ploy played by the Britishers against the freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, as he was given a life sentence at first but this case was tampered with and later he was given a death sentence.

The Lahore police in 2014 went through the records of the Anarkali police station as there was a court order, finding an FIR in the Saunders case. The FIR was registered with Anarkali Police Station on December 17, 1928 at 4:30pm, against the two unknown gunmen. The case was registered under Sections 302, 1201 and 109 under the Indian Penal code.

The mystery that unfolded here is that Bhagat Singh’s name was never mentioned in the FIR, even though he was awarded with the death sentence for the murder.

Qureshi has stated that there was a bench of the special judges and they did not hear the statement of 450 witnesses in the case, directly claiming Singh guilty and did not even give Singh’s lawyer an opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses.

Back in March 2016, there was a demand by activists in Lahore that Queen Elizabeth must apologise for Bhagat Singh’s hanging in 1931 and pay blood money to his heirs.

Photo: english.manoramaonline.com

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