A Ray Of Sunshine In Hundreds Of Lives: Fandry Foundation Is A Knight Without A Shining Armour

We are born, we are educated and then we take up a job that pays for our food, shelter and clothing – that is the life of most of us on this planet. But have we thought about those who might not be blessed enough to have roti, kapda aur makaan? Fandry Foundation has and then acted beautifully to make the lives of the needy tribal people better.

A little step that we take goes a long way to shed light on a darkened path for a child who is yearning to learn but cannot due to lack of resources. While most of India’s urban and rural areas are under the constant spotlight, it is the tribal areas – where there is truly a need for help – that are not talked about. But, Fandry has done a lot more than just shed light.

President Ravindra Chache (centre) with Fandry Volunteers

“It all started with an inspiration from a Marathi movie Fandry. A handful of responsible youth came together to provide clothes to the needy tribal people. We put it on social media and within a short period of time the five people became fifty-five and gave birth to Project Fandry, a movement to do something better for society on 25th May 2014. Later on, Project Fandry became an organization – Fandry Foundation. I am happy and humbly proud that I was and I am a part of this whole journey of Project Fandry to Fandry Foundation,” says President Ravindra Chache in an interview with Cocktail Zindagi.

Fandry, which is now a huge family of around 200 volunteers across Maharastra works in various areas for the upliftment of the society. “We work in Kurungwadi & nearby tribal pockets in Igatpuri, Kotbi in Dahanu, Dhondewadi & nearby tribal areas in Kolhapur, Devrukh and Chiplun in Ratnagiri and Jambhul Pada in Raigad district. We are also connected with a School for Mentally Challenged students – ‘Dnyanprabodhan School for Special Children’ in Korti (Solapur),” Ravindra Chache says.

Fandry Foundation’s work is not just about donating resources, it is also about donating time and making the little children, who are the future of India, realise that they have a great life ahead of them. Galileo once said, “We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves,” and this foundation, is helping the tribals with this discovery.

So how do they bring about the change? Through teamwork. One of Fandry’s major projects is Project Hope. Like the name suggests, this project brings hope in the lives of the children in Maharashtra’ tribal areas by getting them the tools to get educated. Fandry organises a collection drive for stationery and is also supported by various volunteers who collect donations to set up e-learning systems for the children in these tribal areas so that they are not left behind in this constantly changing era.

“At Fandry all the volunteers are working in different fields. So we all work either after our working hours or on Sundays,” Ravindra Chache says when asked about how are such huge projects carried out. How noble is it to dedicate your Sunday to help others? For Fandry’s volunteers, this is a usual affair. They have, since a few years, effortlessly devoted their time and energy in making sure that a child in a remote tribal area, smiles.

On talking about the impact of Fandry’s annual project – Project Hope, Mr. Chache says, “If you get what you don’t have, you become happy. The students there are really intelligent and creative. By providing them with stationery we surely help them excel in studies. The happiness on their face when they receive clothes and sweets during Diwali is unexplainable.”

Furthermore, he says, “This is our 4th consecutive year for helping underprivileged tribal area students for their education. We provide them stationery and modern facilities like computers and e-learning systems, which also generate interest in those children towards education. This has become a success so far because of great support from the donors and our hard-working volunteers.”

On answering Cocktail Zindagi’s question about the three projects the President of this foundation is proud of, he says, “Firstly, Project Hope, where we distribute educational material like stationery to approximately 2000 tribal students &  set up e-learning systems to make them aware of the modern way of audiovisual education.

Another project that I would like to talk about is ‘Ek Karanji Molachi’ where we celebrate Diwali with the children by distributing traditional sweets & also doing some infrastructural development work. The third initiative which I am proud of is our regular visits to Paramshantidham (an old age home). You may call it Project Love because we just give our time and shower our love to the aajis and ajobas residing there.”

Ek Karanji Molachi initiative by Fandry Foundation

He adds, “With the above three projects, we are now working on the empowerment part at the tribal areas. We intend to use the natural resources readily available to them to create a source of income. For eg. Nirgundi is a medicinal herb available in abundance at Kurungwadi area near Igatpuri. We plan to use this herb to make a medicinal oil.”

And that’s not it. There is more. He says, “We have set up 3.0 kv solar project at Kurungwadi so that the electricity can be used for running a motor that will help irrigate the farms there. We target to set up such solar panels at Kotbi and other areas too.”

Fandry Foundation set up this solar project at Kurungawdi

What was one recent incident that Mr. Chache could not forget in the course of his work for Fandry Foundation? He answers, “When we gifted the first e-learning system running on solar power to Kurungawadi, a village where there wasn’t a single television set, the expression on the faces of the children was priceless. The children were amazed to see a big screen and educational programs as it was a totally new concept for them.”

One can surely imagine how priceless such e-learning systems would be for the kids!

The society we live can survive as a whole, only when we start thinking about others who are less fortunate. The spirit to do something – even if it is a very small thing – for people selflessly is what keeps the humanity from going extinct.

Conveying a heartfelt message to the people at large, Ravindra Chache says, “We always ask what the society has given us, but we should ask ourselves what have we given to the society. As responsible people, it is our duty to help the needy. We at Fandry try to become a bridge between the Needy and the blessed ones. If each one thinks of giving a little of what he or she has, it would surely help the society progress. ”

If you want to be a part of Fandry’s Project Hope, this is what their requirements are:

The Project Hope 2018 execution will start from 2nd June 2018 onwards in many village/ ZP schools in districts like Nashik, Palghar, Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, Raigad etc.

Their target for the educational year 2018-2019 is:

■ Complete Educational material for 2000 students like:
Notebooks ( Single Line, Double line, 4 lines ), Pencils, Pens, Geometric Boxes, Erasers
Plastic Compass Box, Drawing Books etc.

■ Computers to tribal schools (Old but working Condition Computers will do)

■ 10 E-Learning education systems (approx budget ₹ 3.0 lacs)

You can visit their website here or download their Android app to donate online or to get in touch with them. You can donate here.

Here are three cheers to Fandry for the work they do!

Heer Khant
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