A Really Filmy Saga : A YouTube Video Helps Man Meet Family After 40 Years!

Just when you are on the brink of losing faith in miracles, a story comes across that makes you believe in them all over again. A story, that teaches you that anything is possible.

Khomdram Gambhir Singh, a man who had served in the Manipur Rifles for seven years and then retired voluntarily, left his home in 1978. He did not inform anyone about where he was going, he simply left after being mentally shattered. His wife had left him and there was a fallout among him and his five brothers. Dejected, he turned to alcohol and left his home suddenly one day.

The family tried to look for him after he left and traced him to Mizoram but by the time they got there, Singh had already left. No one knew anything about him in the last 40 years.

But the sad part ends there. Step in, YouTube.

A Mumbai-based photographer, Feroze uploaded a video of Gambhir on October 17 last year.

A video of a man singing Manipuri songs and wandering on the streets of Mumbai went viral in the state. This video reached Singh’s younger brother who immediately recognised him. They contacted the Mumbai Police and the family was reunited.

The teams of Mumbai Police’s Bandra Police Station and Manipur’s Patsoi police station co-ordinated to reunite Singh.

“I could not believe my eyes when one of my nephews showed me the video footage. We had lost all hope of seeing him alive again,” Kulachandra Singh,  Khomdram’s younger brother told The Hindu.

It gets better. The Singh family wasn’t well off to afford a ticket. So the local people in Manipur raised money to book a flight for Kulachandra to Mumbai so he could bring his brother back.

In the video, he sings the song ‘Mukaddar Ka Sikandar’ and says that he was in the Manipur Rifles from the age 16 to 34. He also says that he belongs to Imphal and could not farm rice in the state. He begged, did various odd jobs to survive in Mumbai. He also hurt himself in an accident two-three times.

The Mumbai Police tweeted about Singh on their Twitter handle:

Good things do happen! 

Preview Photo: hindustantimes.com

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