Actors In B-Town Who Have Been Married Twice Or More


People think that getting married repeatedly in the Bollywood industry is a fad – a trend. They think that in B-Town the marriages are fragile. But these people forget that most people in the film industry are perfectly human, who make flawed decisions and are matured enough to understand that for the betterment of both the people in the marriage, parting ways in the best thing.

Getting divorced is not a B-Town thing but a human thing. We aren’t perfect and a 24×7 relationship changes a lot of equations.

Check out this list of the famous actors who have got married twice or some even more than that:

Aamir Khan:



Mr. Perfectionist is at his career’s best right now but his first marriage with the actress ‘Reena Dutta’ could not survive. They have two kids. After his divorce, Khan re-married. Today Khan and ‘Kiran Rao’ with their kids are happily married.


Anupam Kher:


Anupam Kher and wife Kirron Kher, are both established talents in the industry. Both of them are super talented artists in their respective genres. But did you know that it is their second marriage? Anupam Kher was first married in 1979 at a very young age. It was an arranged marriage. Kirron Kher’s first husband was Gautam Berry, a businessman.

Vinod Mehra:


He was one of the most successful actors from his era and had acted in more than 100 films. Vinod Mehra’s first marriage was with Meena Broca but things did not work out, same was the situation with his second wife Bindiya Goswami. The actor got married for the third time then to Kiran stayed married until his death in 1990. They have two children.

Boney Kapoor:


The famous Bollywood director’s first wife was Mona Shourie and the duo had two children also but eventually, things did not go well. Boney Kapoor fell in love with late actress ‘Sridevi’ while married to his first wife. Then he decided to marry the late actress and both of them have two daughters, out of which Jahnvi Kapoor, will be making her first Bollywood appearance in ‘Dhadak’ which is a remake of the super hit Marathi movie, ‘Sairat’.

Sanjay Dutt:

Sanjay Dutt was first married to ‘Richa Sharma’ after getting divorced with her, he married model ‘Rhea Pillai’. Things again got sour in the second marriage, and the duo got divorced. Finally, he settled down with ‘Manyata Dutt’ but it is not her first marriage also, she was previously married to ‘Meruj Ul Rehman’. Dutt and Maanyata are happily married now, and bless with one son and one daughter.

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