Actors Who Experienced Overnight Success With Their Debuts

There came actors who hailed from big families and who were not from big families, their debuts made them an overnight success. Some movie stars created a great impression with their first movie but eventually found it difficult to sustain it.

We know how we loved Ameesha Patel is her debut film, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai but post that, she was forgotten. These actors made their impression with their first movie but failed to create a one after that. We think they deserve attention:

1) Bobby Deol:

The son of one of the most talented actors we have in the industry, Dharmendra, Bobby Deol was launched in ‘Barsaat’ along with actress Twinkle Khanna. The film was directed by one of the finest directors we had then, ‘Rajkumar Santoshi’, who has given great hits and also worked with Bobby’s brother, Sunny Deol. ‘Barsaat’ was a love story, with lots of beautiful locations, action scenes and amazing songs. The very first kind of an intense film which Bollywood saw at that time and Bobby Deol after the success of the movie became the sensation, even after that he has given hits but nothing compared to his debut impression.

2) Imran Khan:

Aamir Khan’s real sister’s son actor Imran Khan got one of the finest movies, with an amazing script, youthful cast, and soulful movie. ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ produced under the banner of Aamir Khan films was a great success. The film was not expected to be a super blockbuster at the box office but it was and also it gained critical acclaim. The role which resulted in getting him so many movies wasn’t forgotten but none of his other movies performed as good as his first film. We do not see him so much now but he is that actor who made an impression on the audience with his first movie.

3) Rahul Roy:

One of the best romantic heroes of the 1990’s, the audiences saw his potential in his romantic hero acting image, in director Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Aashiqui’. ‘Aashiqui’ was an overnight success as the script was very general and simple and it had such beautiful music. The story, acting, and music were the essential elements for the success of the movie. After that, the actor got several projects but they did not work better than ‘Aashiqui’ and he has vanished from the industry.

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