Aditya Chopra Once Told This Famous Actor, “Son You Have To Act Really Well…”

The actor with whom Aditya Chopra had a conversation about acting was none other than Ranveer Singh. The 32-year-old actor gives the credit of his success to his hard-working nature and determination.

Singh made his debut in Yash Raj Films ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ along with actress Anushka Sharma, in 2010. He has revealed that taking risks in life is part and parcel which is why he got launched by a big banner. These were the times when Ranbir Kapoor who was and is still one of the best good-looking stars in the industry rejected the male lead role in ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’, this was when the stars shined in Singh’s life.

Recently Ranveer was in conversation with Rajeev Masand at News18 Rising India Summit and said, “I ought to be pinching myself sitting in front of people. I wake up everyday thinking that I am living a dream. I was this young kid obsessed with Hindi movies. I struggled for three years in Mumbai, with my portfolio in my hand. I went through the routine drill. I made my own luck. I put myself in that position that where that good wave comes and you can flow with it.

Ranbir Kapoor said no to Band Baaja Baraat. YRF was looking for a new face I got a call and I knew this was the opportunity I was waiting for. I kept my face safe and didn’t do modelling or music videos. And then I got a massive launch, essentially for an ‘outsider’, opposite a reasonably recognisable star Anushka Sharma.”

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Aditya Chopra had brought the actor in reality by making him realize that you are not a conventionally good looking boy.

“Singh said, ‘My son you have to act really well if you want people to like you’, which is a polite way to say you are ugly. Aditya Chopra realised star system was killing the industry at that time. He realised the need of the hour was to give actors break on the basis of talent and not legacy. He started with Anushka followed by me. And mine was a great example. A leading man suddenly born out of the sheer auditioning process. When I first came to into the limelight I was very nervous. I was famous three days after my first film released.

I didn’t grow up around anybody famous so I was confused how to deal with this beast. This fame or stardom hit me like a truck. I was struggling with that hit for three years till the time I got critical acclaim for ‘Lootera’ and critical/commercial success of Ram-Leela. I didn’t know who to be? How to be? What to say or do?” Ranveer said.

He also said, “Till now, I haven’t realised or believed that I have become a star. Priyanka Chopra, my very dear friend says, ‘You are that boy who will always be telling his mother… ‘Mom, I have become a star’.”

This is Ranveer’s journey so far which has given him the fruits of life. His father had lots of faith in his son which was the reason why he had invested money for his debut movie in the film industry. Singh proved himself with various energetic acting skills and with movies like ‘Padmaavat’.

Currently, the actor is working with actress Alia Bhatt for director Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully Boys’, and then later from the mid-year, he will start shooting for Rohit Shetty’s ‘Simba’ which will be releasing in December 2018.

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