A-Z About Amazon : How Did It First Began?


In this era of e-commerce, there would be rarely anyone who has not shopped online. Here is all you need to know about Amazon.

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Jeff Bezos who found the e-commerce giant, Amazon worked at the Wall Street Journal in the section of ‘computer science’. He also worked at other companies named Fitel and D. E. Shaw & Co.

He was born in Albuquerque in New Mexico. He graduated from Princeton University with Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

He wrote the business plan for Amazon on a drive from New York to Seattle! He was moving to Seattle after he quit his well-paying job at D.E, Shaw & Co. The man had a vision – a vision that the internet was going to play a huge role in the coming times.

Amazon was originally known as ‘Cadabra’ (as in Abracadabra, the magic spell). He incorporated it on July 5, 1994 and later changed the name to Amazon after a lawyer misheard the name ‘cadabra’ as cadaver! He choose the name Amazon while glancing through a dictionary and because it was a place that was ‘exotic and different’. The river ‘Amazon’ was his inspiration because it was the biggest river in the world, just how he had imagined his enterprise to become in the future.

The company’s slogan says, “Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History.”

Amazon at first began by selling books that were listed in alphabetical order. The first thing to be sold on Amazon was a book named ‘Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies : Computer Models Of The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Thought.’

The first time that Amazon reported profit was in the year 2001! Until then it reported losses – it suffered badly during the dotcom crash in the United States where the price of it’s share fell to $6 from $100.

Bezos is currently the CEO, President and Chairman of the company that surpassed Walmart in 2015 as the most valued retailer in the United States by market capitalisation.

Turner Duckworth designed the current Amazon logo that says they deliver anything (from A t0 Z) happily (the smile below the word Amazon).  Currently, Amazon.com has localised websites for 14 countries like India, China, United States, Japan, etc.

Bezos owns The Washington Post and a human spaceflight start-up company called Blue Origin. He is also involved in a project that is building a ‘10,000 year clock’. The clock’s century hand shall advance every 100 years, with the cuckoo dinging at a millennium. Give the 10,000 year old clock a read, it is fascinating : About the 10,000 year clock.

Amazon.com is available in 12 languages; English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and Turkish. Its revenue in 2016 amounted to Us$135.98 billion. IT has various subsidiaries under it’s head viz. A9.com, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Alexa Internet, Audible.com, comiXology, Digital Photography Review, Goodreads, Internet Movie Database, Junglee.com, Twitch.tv, Zappos, Souq.com.

Departing Kick: Bezos played a Starfleet Official in ‘Star Trek Beyond’ in 2016.

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