All You Need To Know About Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Intriguing Role In ‘Takht’

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Recently the ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ director. Karan Johar, shared details about his new historical drama, ‘Takht’ which means throne. The theme of the movie revolves around two brothers who want the throne. The star cast of the film is talented, starring Ranveer Singh who is playing the role of Dara Shikoh. Vicky Kaushal is playing the role of Aurangzeb, Shikoh’s younger brother, the villain in the film. Anil Kapoor is playing the role of ‘Shahjahan’. Alia Bhatt is playing Singh’s love interest. Bhumi Pednekar is playing Aurangzeb’s first wife and Jhanvi Kapoor is playing the role of a slave.

But in this movie, it is Kareena Kapoor who has got a dynamic role of, Jahanara Begum Sahib who is the sister of the two brothers and the eldest daughter of the fifth Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan.

For the very first time, we will be seeing Kareena Kapoor Khan in a historical movie, and she will be the person who has to choose between the right and wrong. Begum became the first lady or the ‘Padshah Begum’ at the age of 17 of the Mughal Empire, right after her mother died. Between deserving and greed, it is said that Jahanara Begum was extremely powerful at the Mughal court. She had won her father’s confidence and she advised in the administrative and political issues was considered to be in high regards. At that time Jahanara Begum Sahib used to live inside her own palace, not in Agra.


Kareena Kapoor Khan will be seen as the wealthiest and powerful woman in the movie. She used to earn her own income from the villages and gardens she owned. In the movie, we will be seeing her kind nature of helping everyone. If we go as per the story, Khan will be arranging Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s marriage in the film.

The turning point in the film will be centralized on Khan as she will choose Dara Shikoh (Ranveer Singh), over Aurangzeb (Vicky Kaushal). Then she goes in the prison where her father Shah Jahan (Anil Kapoor) is kept and serves him till he dies.

In the end, when she comes out of jail she patches up with Aurangzeb, and he gives her the title of Empress of Princess.

Takht will be releasing in 2020, and details about the rest of the roles will be out soon.

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