Angry? Pay And Break Things At Gurgaon’s New ‘Break Room’



In Delhi a new venture has opened which lets people pay and release their frustrations of life. This place is the first of its kind in India called the ‘Break Room’.

Samyak Sheth

Sanwari Gupta who is the CEO of the Break Room, had got this idea when her partner last year heard about this crazy concept of breaking something and releasing your anger, since it also has a therapeutic value.

Sanwari Gupta, a 27 year old Delhi girl, and her partner Akshat Goel thought of introducing this concept in Delhi, as this kind of a theme has received positive reviews, along with many customers.

Sanwari Gupta tells that this idea was newly introduced in Texas, as the Anger Room, and it was welcomed as a trend in many parts of the world, including Dallas, Melbourne, Serbia and Toronto. The names were like the Rage Room etc. from where this duo got their motivation from.

Rules of the Break Room:

There is a fix rate card and ranges of the price starts from ₹199 to ₹1000, depending upon what you decide to break.

There is a fixed age limit of 18 years and above only who can gain an entry in the Break Room on producing an identity card and also sign a waiver form before playing the game.

People who want to break something are required to wear the safety gear and pick up what they want to break from the menu and then break away.

Many people think that the owners of the Break Room buy items that are junk and not in working condition. If people think that the ‘Break Room’ owners are wasting things and resources, that is wrong as once people break things, those are sent for recycling.

Sanwari Gupta shares that since the time the Break Room has opened, people have enjoyed a lot, it has helped them and they have discovered many new things about themselves. She clarifies that they are not promoting violence even though the games inside the Break Room may look extremely violent but it is a kind of a mental work out. People who go there they just have to abide by the safety rules, the staff hired here is trained to follow all the safety precautions.

Remember the time when you have felt like breaking something to release your anger? Well now you can head to the Break Room.

We are sure that such concepts will pop up in different metro cities across India soon.

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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