Annoying Things That You Wish Didn’t Happen During Air Travel!

Who doesn’t love travelling by air? (Unless of course you get motion sick or are afraid of heights!) With all the amazing perks that come with air travel, there are some really annoying incidences as well.

We bet you all have faced at least a few of these while travelling by air:

1. Frantic passengers gathering for boarding as if they were going to miss the ‘train’:

Some passengers seem to forget that boarding happens in phases with row numbers being called out. The minute the crew begin boarding, everyone rushes and block the space as if they were going to miss the plane (read train because that is how they behave!). This not only causes an immense amount of inconvenience to other passengers but these impatient beings end up clogging the gate.

2. The annoying passenger sitting behind you, constantly grabbing your headrest or kicking your seat:

There are people who will grab the other person’s headrest while getting up and end up pulling their hair!  Then there are those who will kick your seat from behind or extend their legs till they touch yours. Some end up closing and opening the tray table so many times – and each time with even more force!

3. The ones who talk loudly on cell phones right before take-off and the minute the plane ends:

Remember that really loud person talking about business deals and money as if he/she was the only important person with work? They get so loud that almost half the aircraft can hear them. Give it a break!

4. The passengers who get up right when the plane lands but is still taxiing:

They get up from their seats and start taking out their luggage even before the plane has stopped moving. You aren’t going to get left out! Imagine what if even one of them ends up losing balance? It becomes a race – the one who gets out first wins! Yeah, right!

5. The tiny things that your fellow passenger does that are completely crazy:

Armrest hijacking! Spilling water on you! Picking their nose! Sneezing without covering their mouth – constantly burping and what not. If you are not on the window or aisle seat, you get double bonanza!

6. That indifferent recline:

The passenger in front of you will recline with such speed and at a such an angle that not only hurts your knees but also leaves you no space to do anything. Then the face they make when you ask them to pull the seat ahead!

7. The seat-changers:

Simply because their family got separate seats, they will sit on any seat and act like they own it. They do not have the word ‘request’, in their dictionary. And you will end up sitting in a middle-seat when you pre-booked a convenient aisle seat.

How many of these issues have you faced? Air travel is surely fun but minus these issues and unruly passengers, it would definitely take you ‘on cloud nine’.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

Traveller | Writer | Photographer | Maverick | Social Worker | Lawyer | A freedom-loving woman for whom words are like wings to her soul. She believes in aliens, hates boundaries and lives like the first human on Earth.

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