Apple’s Co-founder Once Could Not Create Any New Memories, Here Is His Story

Steve Wozniak a technology entrepreneur who co-founded ‘Apple Computer, INC’ along with the Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs once suffered from memory loss.Wozniak is known to be the pioneer of ‘Personal Computer Revolution of the 70’s and 80’s’ with his partner Jobs.

Nicknamed as ‘Woz’, he single-handedly developed the Apple I in 1976 – it is a computer which launched Apple. Just a year after that in 1977 he designed the Apple II which is one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputers.

On 7th of January 1981, Steve Wozniak met with a traumatic plane crash. He was piloting the aircraft which crashed soon after the takeoff from the Sky Park Airport in Scotts Valley, in California. He was with his fiance, his brother and his girlfriend and all of them suffered minor injuries.

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Woz suffered face and head injuries due to which he went into the state of ‘Anterograde Amnesia’ therefore resulting in the inability to create new memories. He was unable to come out the state of Amnesia for five weeks. The co-founder of Apple did not have any memory of how things went out of hand at the time of the accident, no memory of the crash and did not remember his name too. What revived his memories is by playing games on the Apple II computer which really helped him.

Just after 3 years of the accident, Woz left the company because he felt that the company no longer needed him.

Recently, Wozniak was at the ET Global Business Summit in New Delhi he was asked about his view on India, “I am not an anthropologist and I don’t know the culture of India well enough. I don’t see those big advances in tech companies. What is the biggest tech company here, Infosys maybe? I just don’t see that sort of thing coming out of Infosys and I have done keynotes for them three times.

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The culture here is one of success based upon academic excellence, studying, learning, practising and having a good job and a great life. For upper India, not the lower. I see two India(s). That’s a lot like Singapore study, study, work hard and you get an MBA, you will have a Mercedes but where is the creativity? The creativity gets left out when your behaviour is too predictable and structured, everyone is similar. Look at a small country like New Zealand, the writers, singers, athletes; it’s a whole different world.”

In response to this, the Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra tweeted, “Love it when such comments are made. Nothing like a sweeping stereotype to get our juices flowing and prove it wrong. Thanks Steve Wozniak. Come back soon. We’ll make you sing a different tune.”

Introspection is needed on both the sides of the views as many people are tweeting against the c0-founder of Apple and many are supporting him. Creativity is an essential thing in life.

How much do you agree with Wozniak?

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