Are You A Starbucks Lover? We Bet You Didn’t Know These Five Things!

Starbucks was first opened in the year 1971 and now in the year 2018, there are 28,218 branches of worldwide. It is the biggest coffee chain in the world. Starbucks is known for its quality, service, ambience and its roasted dark coffee.

In India, there is a Starbucks trend of saving the coffee cup for reuse. Also, people often post photos of the cup on various social media platforms. Here some interesting things about the coffee-heaven that you might now know:

1) Starbucks has a secret menu:

This seems to be much of a surprise as it does have a secret menu for the customers visiting the outlet. Starbucks does not recommend it much to anyone. The secret menu is preferably not asked for because people think that the drinks in it are made up.

2) Payless and have more:

This is the most simple trick every person going to the ‘Starbucks’ should know about. There is a cup size Grand, Venti, and Trent, the secret behind this is you can just simply order the Grande Coffee in a Venti cup. This is how you save your money and have more coffee.

3) Starbucks does not waste food:

Whatever food is remaining in the outlet at the end of the day, for example, the sandwiches, pastries, burgers and some other things are given in donation by the Starbucks. All the remaining food items are cleared and given to the needy.

4) Howard Schultz is a mastermind:

There is only one reason behind calling the owner of ‘Starbucks’ a mastermind because he knows it how to keep his employees happy. The company covers the full-time employee’s health insurance, also providing them with education and the new policy of the stocks have made the employees more content.

5) Kid’s temperature:

This is one is the most important and useful for the people going to ‘Starbucks’. You can order any drink to release your fear of the burnt tongue at ‘kid’s temperature’. The temperature of that beverage will be so comfortable for you to consume immediately. Bye-bye burnt tongues!

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