Ashwini Bhatt: Happy Birthday To The Genius Gujarati Writer Who Deserved The World!

Ashwini Bhatt

Famous and legendary Gujarati writer Ashwini Bhatt was born today. While we not only wish him Happy Birthday because he is still alive through his words, we remember him in the best way possible – through his timeless works.

Heer Khant

India’s first heritage city has something equally big to it’s credit – it is also the birthplace of famous Gujarati author, Ashwini Bhatt who was born there on July 12, 1936 to Harprasad and Shardaben Bhatt. The writer who is behind creating masterpieces such as Aashka Maandal, Aakhet, Katibandh. Nirja Bhargav and a lot more had studied psychology.

That explains how we understood the human mind so well and took us on journeys that we had never imagined through his books. There is another interesting fact about his life that many people don’t know. He has worked as a child artist in the drama ‘Bindu No Kiko’ which is an adaptation of a Bengali drama.

Ashwini Bhatt’s life was unusual. Before he shot to fame and started his career as a writer, he had failed in various business ventures. But like it is said, failures are the pillars to success and that is exactly true when it comes to him.

He was written twelve novels and three novellas and translated a lot of famous books into Gujarati. His novel Katibandh was made into a TV show. Many of his other novels were also serialised.

What was peculiar about his writing is he lived every moment before he penned down in his book. Be it describing a place or a beautiful woman, no one did it better than Ashwini Bhatt. That is why we said that his books are a journey – you don’t read them, you live them.

His stories dwelve deep into humanity, bringing out shades of life that will make you cry, laugh, feel angry, feel romantic with an intensity you can only experience and never imagine.

When Ashwini Bhatt passed away on December 10, 2012 in the United States at the age of 76 it was a dark day not just for Gujarati literature but for literature in the world. He is survived by his wife Neeti and son Neel Bhatt.

Our hearts beat with his words even today. Here are a few lines written by him that will resonate in your mind long after you have read them. He was a writer who was missed by those who cannot read Gujarati. Had he written in a language that was read by a larger number of people, he would have been bestowed upon with all the awards a writer can possibly win. And no, that is not exaggeration.

From Aashka Maandal:

In this excerpt the write talks about how he feels that he has entered into a world that comes after death – only to wake up to realise that he is in a strange house and in extreme pain.

From Faanslo:

In this excerpt the writer talks about how Sarju’s mother is to get married and leave for Switzerland – and the pain she faces.

These are just two minor reflections into his work. Read his books to know the man.

Once, again, Happy Birthday Ashwini Bhatt!

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