At 96 This Woman Brims With The Zest For Life, Decides To Get Educated

Helen Hayes said, “Age is not important unless you are a cheese.” Or wine! And she said it right.

A 96-year-old Mexican woman has shown us that age is just a number. Guadalupe Palacios Garcia has decided to pursue her dream of education. And in just four years, she has completed both her primary and middle school, according to AFP.

Fondly referred to as ‘Dona Lupita’, Palacios wants to pass out from high school before she turns 100. She attends school every day dressed in a uniform of a white polo shirt and black skirt. Such zest for life!


Why couldn’t she study when she was younger?

Palacios spent her childhood helping her family farm crops. Later, she sold chickens in the market for a living, got married twice and had six children, leaving no time for her chase her dream of being educated.

But unlike most of us, she did not sit back for death to come and take her. At the age of 92, she decided to get literate. First, she enrolled in a literacy program and the in a primary school program for adult learners. But unlike primary school, there wasn’t an adult learning program for high school. Instead of being disappointed, Palacios enrolled in a regular public school. Her classmates today are at least 80 years younger to her.


What does she plan to do after completing her high school education? Become a kindergarten teacher!

She studies in High School Number 2 in Mexico’s Tuxtla Gutierrez. She told AFP, “Now I can write letters to my boyfriends.”

Palacios’ life is a shining example to get inspired from. Many people often die, before they are dead.

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