Attention Women! Here’s How You Can Tackle The Blues & Reds Of Menstruation

P.M.S is the mental and physical agony a woman goes through right before her periods are about to start.

The Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, abbreviated as P.M.S., is every woman’s nightmare. The irritability, leg aches, body aches, back pain, crankiness, helplessness, anger and pain that a woman feels a few days before the onset of periods is known as P.M.S.

The intensity of the same varies from person to person. One advantage of tracking your periods is to keep you prepared for the mood swings and the flood of emotions that come with it. Additionally telling your partner about your dates will ensure that the fights during the pre-menstrual time between the both of you are minimized. It works the same with other people of your life.

But there are some people with whom a woman wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing her dates with.

So, Here Are A Few Solutions One Can Use To Tackle Pre-Menstrual Syndrome:

1. Practice yoga and meditation

2. Understand that it is not ‘your fault’ or a ‘sin’ to menstruate; you are a life-giver and periods are necessary for a normal and healthy pregnancy

3. Relieve stress by doing what you like.

4. Indulge into comfort foods like chocolates, teas etc.

5. Take rest and get enough sleep.

6. Weave in exercise into your daily schedule.

7. Practice various exercises to be done to minimize the pain during periods (Google it!).

8. Play music – it is known to relieve senses.

9. Be near nature, it automatically brings peace in chaos.

10. Get yourself a massage at home our at the spa.

11. Use hot water bags on your abdomen and back.

12. Keep a paracetamol handy but do not make it a habit.

Last but not the least, pamper yourself (go shopping, eat desserts, watch a movie etc.)

Don’t let the periods stop you from doing anything. Do not stress over them. If the pain is unbearable consult a gynaecologist and get some routine tests done. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Take a deep breath and care for yourself. Periods are your superpower not a cause for shame. Also, have a conversation with your girlfriends about menstruation and spread the awareness. Step out of the darkness.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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