Beggary Is A Profession & These ‘Beggars’ Prove It!

Begging has become a profession for these people. When we say profession, we mean it. These so-called beggars have made a fortune out of other people’s pity. While travelling, when we stop at the red light, we think from our heart as the door to our mind is closed for that moment. We pity them and give some change to not feel guilty later.

Begging is an industry. In every part of the city, there is a gang leader who is in charge of managing the whole group and all the earnings the beggars receive go to the gang leader. In return, they receive some money to feed and clothe themselves.

In the movie’Traffic Signal’, this scenario is portrayed like it is. People without hands and legs generate more pity – they are ’employed’ to earn money.

These are some of the richest beggars in India:

Bharat Jain:


He is India’s richest beggar who works in the Parel region of Mumbai. Jain works as a professional beggar, has two flats valued at Rs 70 lakhs each, rents a juice shop there and earns Rs 10,000 as monthly rent. Bharat monthly earns Rs 60,000 approximately from begging. He lives with his wife, brother, father and two sons who are studying in class X and XII.



Sambhaji Kale:


Kale is from Solapur and he also begs there. He owns a flat there, a piece of land in the city, two individual houses and he has made his own investments worth thousands and has more half a lakh in the bank.

Sarvatia Devi:


This is one stays in Patna, Bihar, behind the Ashok Cinemas. Devi is in her early fifties who has got her daughter married from her begging income. She also pays more than Rs 36,000 premium annually. She has been to so many pilgrimages since she pays a huge amount of premium!

Krishna Kumar Gite:


Krishna Kumar Gite lives along with his brother in Nallasopara where he has a flat of Rs 5,00,000 lakhs and his daily routine is to beg near Charni Road. All this from begging!

So much for begging! Some people might be tempted to change professions!

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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