If You Live In These 5 Countries Then You Will Live A Longer Life

Dan Buettner identified ‘the secrets of a long life’ in the National Geographic Magazine cover story. The five geographic areas where people live the longest are Loma Linda, California, Icaria ( Greece), Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa ( Japan) and Nicoya ( Costa Rica).

There have been so many curious souls who want to know the secret to longevity. Many would give anything to be immortal. But very few know that there are some people who live for more than 100 years in certain areas around the globe – known as Blue Zones.

While researching more about this the demographic work done by Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain,  Sardinia’s Nuoro province came to light, which is filled with highest male centenarians – people who live more than 100 years of age.

These people who inhabit the blue zone live a very common lifestyle which itself contributes towards their longevity.

Countries coming in the blue zones highlight on each of the characteristics:

1. They consume Legumes more commonly.

2. The consumption of tobacco and smoking is very less.

3. These people require constant physical activity in their lives.

4. There is a lot of social engagement and all the people of all the communities are active amongst each other.

5. The family is put ahead of all other concerns.

6. These people are semi-vegetarian and the majority food consumed by them is from plants.

There are many people who live more than an average life of 71 years and there is a secret to it – the secret is in the characteristics listed above.

As per the World Happiness Report of the 2017 these 5 places in the world have the highest longevity:

1) Japan:

Japanese have a life expectancy of 83 years. Okinawa, the place which is called the ‘land of immortals’ is a blue zone. The islands have more than 400 centenarians. Low levels of stress, a strong sense of belonging is what the people have. Local diet helps a lot including the plentiful tofu, sweet potato and small amounts of fish.

2) Spain:

The longevity secret of Spain is the siesta. Work shift in Spain is organized in a different way and the shops are closed are between 2:00 and 5:00. If there is a half an hour break people take takeaways, and if the time is more they eat accordingly, ending up eating properly and with desserts. With a good 3 hour break, amazing food and great health is possible. The average age of life in Spain is 82, due to the consumption of olive oil also and vegetables as well.

3) Switzerland:

The average age until death here is 81. It is one of the best countries in Europe and has the best healthcare and medications surrounded by the Alps. There have been studies that cheese and the dairy over there is a leading factor in the balance of health.

4) South Korea:

As per the recent research, South Korea has a life expectancy of 90 years of age. It has a strong and growing economy, there is a lot of open access to the healthcare. Due to the location which is upwards in the mountains, the country has lower blood pressure than other countries. Korean food is high in fibre and is nutritional.

5) Singapore:

This country has the best medical facilities and it has often been said that it has ‘miracle healthcare systems’. This country is famous for its focus on the healthcare. People staying here believe in exercising a lot. Alcohol and cigarettes are a lot more expensive which help in maintaining the healthy balance. There are therapeutic parks designed to focus and reduce stress levels to improve overall mental well being.

Do you want to live longer too? Then inculcate these habits in your everyday life.

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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