Bollywood Artists Who Passed Away Before Their Last Movies Released

Bollywood has lost many gems throughout the years – a sudden death is a very sad phase for the audiences too.

Bollywood is a platform where there are many artists who are bound to portray some kind of creativity in the roles they take up. Artists work to keep them alive and kicking in the heart of the industry. But there have been situations where the artists have also faced traumatic death before the completion of their movies.

Here are some famous artists who couldn’t see their last movies:

Amrish Puri:

Bollywood’s one of the greatest talent Mr. Amrish Puri has done more than 200 films and various types of roles. He has played a villain, hero and a combination of both. He could not see his last movie ‘Kisna’ (2005) also starring Vivek Oberoi. Parallel to that, he was also shooting for ‘Kachchi Sadak’.

Shammi Kapoor:


The greatest dancer and actor of his era Shammi Kapoor was a perfect legend of the industry. His last movie was along with his grandson ‘Ranbir Kapoor’, Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Rockstar’ which was a blockbuster. The movie released in 2011, Shammi Kapoor passed away before that.

Sanjeev Kumar:


Everyone knows this actor, as his acting skills were versatile. Sanjeev Kumar died in 1985. To honour him, 10 films starring him were released after his death. A movie named ‘Professor Ki Padosan’ was released after he passed away. To make up for his absence, Kumar’s character in the movie was made invisible for 25%  of the film and it was completed.

Smita Patil:


One of the boldest and upfront actresses Smita Patil had set up a legacy after her name with the roles she did. Very unfortunately this actress died in 1986, which set a sad demising atmosphere in the industry. Movies like ‘Waaris’, ‘Sutradhar’, ‘Akarshan’ released after her demise.


Photo: Life Magazine

This talented and beautiful diva had already given a lot to the industry, but due to her health problems in the 1960’s she had stopped working. Two years after her death, the movie ‘Jwala’ was released, wherein she starred opposite actor ‘Sunil Dutt’. She is alive in the minds of the audiences even today.

May their souls rest in cinema!

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