Boston Has Secret Poems On Its Sidewalks That Show Up Only After Rain!

Have you ever heard about secret poems that you cannot see otherwise but see only after it rains?

There are so many literary masterpieces that involve rain in some or the other manner. Rain has always been a source of inspiration for poets and writers alike. But what if someone came up with a brilliant idea to make poems visible only after a rainstorm?

That is exactly what has been done in Boston.

In a project named, ‘Raining Poems’, poems are painted into the concrete sidewalks of Boston using water-repellent paint. So once it rains, the areas which have been stencilled don’t get wet – making it possible for the people to read the secret poems. Amazing isn’t it?


This is one way of promoting culture through art. This is a public art installation that was the brainchild of a non-profit Mass Poetry and Boston’s City Hall. The idea behind this installation is to cheer up the mood of the public right after rain – adding some sunshine into their lives.

These poems that are painted with water-repellent pain circle around the theme of rain or water, including poems written by Langston Hughes, Kathi Aguero, Elizabeth McKim and others.

If you are in Boston and want to experience this beautiful thing, here are the locations where these poems are written:

500, Columbia Road, Dorchester

1328 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan

1520 Dorchester Ave.

1961 Centre St. in West Roxbury

This paint is biodegradable so it washes away in around 6-8 weeks.

This is really a brilliant way of portraying the rich literary history Boston has! Here is a video that you’d like to watch about ‘Raining Poetry’:

Preview Photo:

Heer Khant
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