‘Boundless Kitchen’ in Denmark Unifies Communities, Makes Refugees Cook

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There is nothing more powerful than unity and this food truck in Denmark is proving that there are no boundaries!

A food truck named ‘Boundless Kitchen’ in Denmark which hires refugees to cook their native dishes and spread their culture to food.

In 2016, Denmark had a change in laws pertaining to refugees which  made settling in the country more difficult for immigrants. In response to this change, Jakob Vinkler began ‘Det Grænseløse Køkken’ or ‘Boundless Kitchen’. It is an attempt to bring in unity amongst different communities. He hires refugees on an internship bases at this food place. He has a mission – to unify communities with a common cultural experience.

Vinkler who has a restaurant named Smag in Ebeltoft once invited locals to cook in a concept called ‘folk kitchens’. That is when the idea struck him and in May 2016 the food truck was started.

The interns that are hired cook their own meals and decide their own menus. Here food is used as a social tool – cooking as a weapon of revolution.

According to Conde Nast Traveller, Boundless Kitchen is a ‘semi-noble community hall and professional kitchen that is used as a platform to connect different communities.’ Vinkler was asked by CNT about his inspiration to open such a restaurant to which he had replied, “Visiting food markets in southern Europe; places where you can meet the locals and feel the authenticity of a country. In Denmark, we are not good at living our social life in the public. We hide away in sport clubs and supermarkets. Generating a place where meals could be shared, was also done as an authentic tourist attraction, where visitors could meet the people of the city.”

Photo : curiosity.com

Boundless Kitchen is also a greenhouse along with being a food place. You would see a board outside the place that says, ‘Kulturel Bygglepads’ which is Danish for ‘Cultural Site’.

The people in Denmark and those who have heard about this unique concept have loved the idea and Vinkler and his team have garnered a lot of support. They might decide to expand in late 2017.

This is a beautiful way to support the refugees – this is like giving them refuge, temporarily but in a dignified way.

Preview Photo: curiosity.com

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