Burari Mass Suicide: The Youngest Son Was ‘Speaking’ With His Father’s Spirit

The mass suicide of 11 people in Burari has been in the news shocking people at every new revelation. Recently, it was reported by TOI that the youngest son of the Bhatia family, Lalit was the one who made the other members of his family take such a drastic step.

The report states that two diaries were found at the house where the tragedy took place. Lalit Bhatia is believed to have made the notes in the diaries on the ‘directions’ of his late father Gopal Das Bhatia. The notes point out that the family must have tried to ‘meet’ with Lalit’s late father.

As per the same report, the diaries had step-by-step account of what was to be done that night.

An officer told the newspaper, “It appears that Lalit had been hallucinating that his father was giving instructions to the family through him.”

For a while now there have been reports in the media about various mystical and occult angles to this case. The relatives of the family claimed that this was murder. The investigation is still going on.

A senior police officer told TOI, “Right from asking them to stand on stools, to the mother lying on a separate bed in the other room, and Pratibha, the widowed sister of Lalit, to hang near the temple’s chaukhat — everything is mentioned in detail in the notings.”

Meanwhile, on the social media, a video has surfaced where the kids of the family are seen performing at a function on Bollywood songs, two weeks before the tragedy.

Did a psychological illness of one son lead to the entire family’s death? How did Lalit convince all his family members to do as he asked? The first entry in the diary was in 2015!

The controversy continues to puzzle the minds of money across the country.

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