Can You Believe What Gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s Son Has Now Become?

According to the reports of the police officials, underworld gangster Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar has fallen into the trap of depression. The reason of depression is due to the family hurdles the global terrorist is going through.

Dawood Ibrahim is one of the most wanted terrorist globally, and has a lot of money, power and arms  but is unable to resolve the issues among his family.

Dawood’s third son, 31 year old Moin Nawaz Kaskar has turned himself into a ‘Maulana’ – a stringent Muslim devote, as per reports.

As per the statement given by Thane Extortion Cell head Pradeep Sharma to IANS, “ Moin is understood to be deadly against his father’s illegal activities which has given the entire family a notorious reputation worldwide and made many of them wanted fugitives everywhere. His son is practically estranged from the family and all its businesses since the past few years, but it is not clear if he is on speaking terms with his father. It is clear that Moin, who could have inherited his father’s vast legal and illegal business empires, ironically, has decided to become a man of god and completely shunned a life of luxury which was at his command.”

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There are also reports that Dawood is facing problems from all the sides like, his younger brother Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar, was nabbed in 3 extortion cases by Thane AEC (Anti-Extortion Cell). Anees Ibrahim Kaskar the other brother is also not in the best of his health.

Can Dawood be worried about who will be the successor of his vast ’empire’?

Moin Nawaz Kaskar has also moved out of his father’s bungalow in Karachi’s Clifton area and is now living in a mosque which is nearby the bungalow. Moin is a respected and qualified Maulana and has memorized the entire holy Quran which consists of 6,236 verses.

Moin Kaskar, who is now a ‘Hafiz-e-Quran’, is living with his wife, Saniya, who is the daughter of a wealthy Karachi businessman and he also helps in her family business which is in Pakistan and Britain. The couple live with their 3 children in small quarters provided by the management of the mosque.

Moin who is a Business Management graduate used to help his father Dawood but later separated his ways to answer the ‘divine call of Allah’.

How true do you think this is?

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