You Can Buy This Private Island In Scotland At The Cost Of A Flat In India’s Metros!

This 64-acre beautiful private island off the Shetland coast in Scotland is on the market for $ 350,000 – which can be roughly around 2 crores 30 lakhs in the Indian rupees – the price of a flat in India’s metro city.

This island is very little known and is named as ‘Linga’, which has been uninhabited since 1934. It is located in the Vaila Sound off the west coast of Shetland. If you are worried about the basic amenities after buying this place, then don’t worry, since you are in a proximity range of the Shetland Village of Walls which is around 18 miles from the Shetland airport, that can be taken care of. A fast boat ride is all you need to stock up the groceries and other important things.

There is no doubt that this property on the North Atlantic is very beautiful and soothing. In terms of weather, there will be cool summers and the average temp will be around 30 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter season.

However, there is a catch. Due to the strict development rules in Scotland, the owner is not allowed to build anything on the island beyond what is already there. Also, the  cottages are run down as no one has lived on the island for years. You can only do interior changes. So the cost of making this place habitable will be more than what they are demanding.

But the previous owner of ‘Linga’ has already secured consent. The owner has taken the permission to reckon some more infrastructure which includes a reception area, storage hut, quay, new ‘husbandry buildings’ along with an extra cottage.

Now let’s speak about the basic facilities like electricity, you have been granted the permission to only add eco-friendly methods of generation which include a solar panel and a windmill.

If you are someone who loves being alone on a huge expanse of an island which is away from the marks of civilisation, then this is the place for you.

Do you want to escape and own an island of your own?

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Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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