You Can Own A Historic Italian Home In This Town Just For ₹80!

Well, this is not the first Italian town to try this new scheme to get new residents in their town, this is for the people who dream of owning a house in a pretty Italian village that too for just €1 (around ₹80)! Sounds unbelievable right?

Ollolai is a destination in the mountainous region of Barbagia which lies on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. The town Ollolai has got its name from an ancient battle cry of ‘alale’. The town is very beautiful and can lure residents to buy the house.

Ollolai is rich in its history, it was formerly Barbagia’s capital. The village is untouched by excessive development is the perfect place to go to for retirement or to live a life of peace. The residents of the village have shifted to the bigger cities in search of better opportunities – majorly the younger ones. The houses have been lying empty as they’ve been abandoned by the families who once occupied them and now they are covered in cobwebs.

But it isn’t as easy as it sounds to shift to the village. The 200 stone built houses which are in poor condition need excessive repairs. The buyers must give a commitment to renovate, refurbish the whole house within 3 years and it would approximately cost around ₹20lakh.

This scheme is basically to increase the population of the town which has been reduced from 2,250 to 1,300 in the last few years as per a report in CNN.

To earn money and to survive in Ollolai, the artisans still weave fine baskets and the local shepherds which make exceptional topmost sheep cheese which is called as ‘Casu Fiore Sardo’ it is also known as Pecorino Sardo which is a raw and a hard cheese and it originated during the bronze age, as per the same report.

The people of Ollolai are wanting to save their unique tradition from getting disappeared. Till now inside the village 3 houses have been sold and for the purchase inquiry of the house, 100 requests have been received from across the globe, including Russia and Australia.

The mayor of Ollolai Efisio Arbau has pinned his hopes on the refurbishment of the housing scheme which will generate jobs and help in reviving the local economy of the village.

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