You Can Join This Elite Travel Club Only After Travelling To 100 Countries

Would you believe it if someone told you that there are thousands of people who have travelled to more than 100 countries? A dream, isn’t it?

There is a non-profit organisation for people who have travelled to 100 or more places. It is known as the Travelers Century Club (TCC) was found in California 1954.

This club is only for people who have travelled to 100 or more countries or territories in the world. It is highly exclusive in the world, as it follows only on aim of promoting travelling and not tourism. The club sends its members to the most adventurous and remote places on Earth.

In the world there are 325 entitled countries which have been grouped by TCC into 12 regions. Therefore there is a list which has been prepared for the eligibility of membership, which consists of sovereign states, territories, islands and exclaves. The person who desires to take up the membership should only there should be a stamp of the country on the passport, the duration of stay in the country does not matter to TCC.

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TCC club has 20 regional divisions in USA, 2 are in Canada, 1 each in United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. The club has a provision for access to many meetings, seminars, organized trips, presentations, membership card, certificate and a pin. The club currently has 1400 members and there are members who have visited more than 100 countries and some more than 300 destinations.

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TCC’s mission is World Travel : The Passport To Peace Through Understanding.

The club also holds some competition among the members which goes like 150 countries is silver, 200 countries is gold, 250 is platinum and the last 300 is a diamond. There are some members who have visited all 325 countries have received a revolving crystal globe.

The initiation fee is $100 for people and same for their spouses. Then they have yearly fees:

Yearly Dues With Mailed Info Files
U.S. residents — $85, spouse $65
Residents of other countries — $95, spouse $65
Yearly Dues Without Mailed Info Files
U.S. residents — $75, spouse $65
Residents of other countries — $85, spouse $65

John Clouse from Evansville, Indiana was the first to travel to all the 325 destinations listed in the club’s list of places. He was entered into the Guiness Book Of World Records in 1995 and the ‘world’s most travelled man’. By 2017, 23 other members have done so.

Amazing isn’t it? Visit there website for more info!

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