You Can Now Take A Two Day Trip To Know How Cows Are Reared In Gujarat

The state of Gujarat is holding the baton for cow tourism. How? The state’s Gauseva Ayog has started a two-day tour for tourists who want to know more about cows.

After lions, cows are going to be the next attraction.  The people who are interested to know more about cows and rearing can take a two-day trip to ‘some of the best-kept cow shelters and designated gauchars (grazing land)’.

This is also a step by the Gauseva Ayog to make the people aware of the economic benefits of rearing cows. It is also to make people aware of how one can make money through products like biogas that can be made out of cow dung and urine. It is also a known fact that cow urine has disinfectant and medicinal properties.

The cow as an animal is very important to India, especially after the state government introduced a strict law banning cow slaughter. Even a few jails in Gujarat have cow shelters.

“Preparing a gauchar is also an art and one such grazing land has been prepared at Dharmaj. People, who are concerned about the well-being of cows, take ideas from such model gauchar during the trip and implement them at their village.

Many tourists have even started rearing cows and built gaushalas after learning about the monetary benefits during our trips. This all will help in preserving and protecting the holy animal,” said Gauseva Ayog chairman Vallabh Kathiria as per a report in PTI.

There are various schemes that are put forth by the Gauseva Ayog like one for the establishment of animal hostels or to offer financial assistance for setting up the infrastructure for cow related facilities or for the establishment of cow sanctuaries in the state.

As of now, these two-day trips are held at the grazing lands in Dharmaj, Anand, Gujarat.

Visit here for more details about the scheme.

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