Can You Attempt To Solve These 5 Baffling Mysteries In India?

India is extremely rich in its culture and the beauty which is embossed in each and every square foot of the country. India is also rich in mysteries that have not been solved!

Curiosity will grip you once you read this article.


This city till now has not been found it is said that this city is where one can attain nirvana. It is rumoured to be located in the valleys of the Himalayas. Gyanganj is filled with people who will influence the world so much when the time is right and in this place, there are mysterious creatures, people say. What is the truth?

Son Bhandar Caves:


Inside the Son Bhandar Caves, in Bihar, there is a hidden treasure which was on purpose hidden by Magadhan King, Bimbisara’s wife who hid it there because the king was imprisoned by his son. There are reports that the treasure is still there. There were also speculations that the British tried to steal the treasure from the caves as there came a black mark on the top right of the cave.

Magnetic Hill in Ladakh:


Everyone who knows about Ladakh has heard of the magnetic road. Science has an explanation for this. It happens because there is a strong magnetic field in the area. This phenomenon is called the ‘Himalayan Wonder’. But how was that magnetic field built?

Sonic sound in this city of Rajasthan:

Ever heard of a sonic boom from the aircraft? The people living in the city of Jodhpur had heard this on 18th December 2012. This wasn’t a normal sound it was thunderous. As the inquiry started, there was no report of an explosion or no planes had crashed around the area. Till now this sonic boom remains a mystery. Conspiracy theories about aliens have often been hatched.

Emperor Ashoka had nine unknown men:


This group of nine men was formed by King Ashoka in 273 BC after a battle which claimed to have lost 1,00,000 lives. We refer to them as the ‘navratnas’ in India. The group of these Nine men is known as India’s ‘Illuminati’ but what happened to them till now nothing is clear about it.

Some secrets are lost in time.

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