Channapatna : The Mystical Land Of Amazing Wooden Toys

The beautiful streets of Channapatana are filled with the colourful wooden toys which one cannot find anywhere else. The small town contains a number of wooden toys which are so unique and shows the unblemished talent of the craftsmen there.

In Kannada which is the language of Karnataka the place is known as Gombegala Nagara which means ‘the town of toys’. The Channapatna town is in the Ramanagara District in Karnataka. The town attracts ample of people every year. The exquisite toys made by the small-scale industries in the town are a favourite. On the way to Mysore from Bangalore city, the town of Channapatana is a good tourist spot.


Channapatana was known as Chandapura in the earlier times. The history of the toys of Channapatana can be traced back to the time of Tipu Sultan. He had encouraged the Persians to come to India to teach the artisans the art of making wooden toys. The ‘Father of Channapatana Toys’ was Bavas Miyan, known for his aim to help the local artisans with the art of toy making and bringing in new technologies to improvise the toys in Channapatana.

The Art Of Toy Making

Channapatna town is popular for the cute and the unique craftsmanship depicted in these toys. The toys are made of ivory wood giving a polished look to the wooden toys adding colours and other beautification. In the streets of Channapatana, we can see the numerous wooden toys displayed all along the roadside shops. Big banners are displayed showcasing the talent of craftsmanship in the town.

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The skilled artisans work in their small spaces and build these elegant toys. Channapatna toys are made of wood of different shapes and coloured with vegetable dyes. The wood used is the Dhoodi Wood (Milk wood) which is perfectly white in colour and easy to carve out the shapes. For the shiny appearance of the toys, the polishing is done with high abrasive property grass. Hence the toys are completely environment-friendly.

Do put Channapatna on your travel list the next time you visit Karnataka!

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