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‘I intend to touch many more hearts help many souls progress joyfully in the journey of life.I wish to empower more people and help them heal themselves.I believe a lot in the philosophy by Louise Hay whom i call the godmother of healing that self-love is immensely important’- Manisha Udeshi

Manisha Udeshi is a trained and certified Holistic Healer and a Wellness Coach practicing various healing modalities she is a Theta Healer in addition to being an access bar practitioner,crystal healing, reading akashic records, application of law of attraction , emotional guidance, energy cleansing ,Intuitive Distant and Personal Healing.She is a master of the healing world vedic literature.

Manisha shared that a failed marriage in the family led her to this side of healing , helping heal relationships and understanding the working of the universe and soul, she is completely believe in the divine plan and one thing led me to when i am today.

She has been trained and certified under the able guidance & trained masters of India. Manisha explained about one of her healing therapy called Theta Healing. Theta healing is a process of meditation that teaches people to develop natural intuition through changing their brain wave cycle & understand how emotions affect the body.

It is conducted in form of individual session in which the certified practitioner sits directly opposite the person and initially attends to the person by listening, using intuitive senses as long-distance sessions can also be conducted through telephone or over the internet via webcam & voice. The Theta Healing technique is based on the theory that the beliefs is a person’s conscious and unconscious mind directly impact their emotional well-being, which may impact their physical health. The practitioner uses a method of meditation which tunes into a person’s energy with the aim to improve their general well-being and health.

Helpful people started coming in Manisha’s life, things started working and universe started responding and her life became a beautiful journey. She also learnt sixth sense healing & crystal healing under on able guide and instructor. She said that as my sixth sense developed i could intuitively channelize energy and does cleaning for property and people at all level to release any negative energy.

Akashic records provide all the information and understanding so one can take appropriate action. They empower us so we can create change in our lives and release self-limiting belief. They help us transform relationships in inner & outer universe and live peacefully.

Law of Attraction is the ability in our lives whatever we are focusing upon and to bring that into our reality simply put it means where you put your energy you attract that. Her journey has empowered her emotionally to look at things from a different perspective. When you change your thoughts, you change the way you respond.

Manisha cater to varied class of clients right from married women to unmarried girls, Senior marketing executive, clients with low plate rates, trainers of various counts to gall bladder cancer, people whose business needs progress to team building, overcoming physical ailments, manifesting dreams and attracting financial abundance… her experience in counseling and coaching has helped many people.

I visit to her quite often as she always guild me with her amazing knowledge of wellness & healing, once I met a client of Manisha who shared her experience with me. Manisha is nothing less than a total life coach for me. I met Manisha two years ago and since then, she has helped me on various levels. She first helped me get over the trauma of my unpleasant marriage and divorce. She helped me get over my fears and anxiety and transformed my energy and aura from heavy and negative to light and positive. All my close friends and family have acknowledged the clearly visible shift in me and have been amazed by this wonderful shift. This shift in me started happening within three months of meeting Manisha. Since then, she has also helped me deal with other life situations – whether at work, with friends or family in ways that have brought positivity and healing and helping me feel good about myself and my life each day. She has brought balance in my life – which was earlier skewed towards a highly successful career but lacking happiness and fulfillment in my personal life by now helping me generate more positive energy and experiences in my personal life as well. She is extremely warm, friendly, non-judgmental and very easy to talk to about anything. I am really grateful to Manisha for changing my life to such a great extent!”

She is also a Chakra Healer so Chakra healing is not a new phenomenon, it has it’s mention even in ancient Vedic literature, Manisha says, It is gaining popularity as people are ready to find to answers to their physical and emotional issues through the use of alternative healing therapies. Chakras are energy centers in our body. These energy centers are influenced by our thinking. They are found to next to hormonal glands and they radiate and receive energy. Negative thoughts leads to dense and blocked chakra energy .Every chakra has a corresponding color.

Manisha is also an Energy cleansing guide and an intuition coach, who inspires and motivates people towards their highest good as per divine universal principles. Her clientele range from corporate to housewives and includes a wide range of people seeking timely spiritual guidance. She intends to touch many more souls progress joyfully in the journey of life. She says,I wish to empower more people and help them heal themselves. I believe a lot in the philosophy by Louise Hay whom I call the godmother of healing that self-love is immensely important.We have to learn to love and accept ourselves exactly the way we are first then only expect others to love us. Her exercises of forgiveness and mirror work are widely practiced so when we are the choose one make the most of it, and be the guiding light is what I believe. I wish to help more and more people help themselves. I am that guiding star!

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