Cinemas To Open In Saudi Arabia After A Long Gap Of 35 Years

The ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia is modernising under King Salman’s son Mohammad Bin Salman, who is slowly and gradually broadening his outlook. A few months after Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women drivers in the kingdom, the country is set to re-open cinemas after three and a half decades.

Saudi Arabia recently organised music concerts, a Comic Con pop-culture festival and a national day for mixed gender celebration where people were dancing on the streets of Saudi, since they did not have such kind of a habit under the conservative rule.

The most surprising decision taken by Mohammad Bin Salman came when he told the people that we will return to the ‘Open Moderate Islam’ and diminish the extremist ideologies.

Saudi Arabia’s female director Haifaa al-Mansour shared on Twitter, “It is a beautiful day in #SaudiArabia! Saudi Arabia says cinemas to get licenses in early 2018.”

The movie theatres in the country are expected to be opened in the month of March 2018.

The country’s opposition parties have termed ‘cinema theatre’ as a obscene and sinful, there are reports that the cinema halls in the kingdom are expected to be divided by gender or may comprise of a separate family section for families.

The prince of Saudi Arabia has got support for his modern moves across the world. This move might be done keeping in mind to attract investment and the fact that 65-70% of the population of Saudi Arabia is under 30.

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Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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