Conversation With God: When Rehan Fails In His Exam

Heer Khant

Rehan, a school-going boy in 9th grade complains to God about failing in his exam. What does God say?


Rehan had just got his results that evening. He couldn’t believe that he had failed and he couldn’t understand why.  Rehan was a dedicated believer in God. He had worked hard day and night but yet he couldn’t pass. That night, as he lay alone in his room, he began praying to God.

“Why does this always happen with me? Can’t you see my pain, God? I keep believing in you no matter what but you always give me nothing else but troubles!”, Rehan complained.

“Rehan…” God called out to him. Rehan couldn’t believe that God was talking back to him. His eyes that were full of tears, lit up.

“Rehan my child, the troubles I give you are to make you a better person. How else would you turn into a diamond? It is this friction that will bring out the sparkle in you. If you didn’t have pain in your life, would you ever be able to appreciate joy?” God humbly said.

“But why me? What have I done?” Rehan complained again.

“Did you ask me ‘why me’ when you got a gold medal in sports in school? Or when your parents brought you your favourite cricket bat?”

“No…” Rehan whispered.

“Did you think that when you got a gold medal, so many of your friends didn’t get it? Wouldn’t they have complained then?”

“Yes…they must have cried like me.” Rehan answered.

God sighed and waited for Rehan to speak his heart out.

“My parents are disappointed in me. They had so many expectations…I know they compare me with others of my age. They must be ashamed of me.” Rehan cried out.

“They are upset because they are worried about your future. Like I am worried about theirs. They are your parents but they aren’t perfect people are they? They are also allowed to commit mistakes of comparison. They love you. They aren’t ashamed of you. They are concerned that you shouldn’t make the same mistakes like they did.” God politely explained.

Rehan was silent.

“Remember one thing child, you do not believe in me because you expect me to give you all good things in return. You believe in me because I am your support. When I give you your share of problems, I know that it will be something you could handle. Your actions will determine how you deal with those problems. You can either whine or you can take it in the right spirit. It is your choice.”

“I am sorry, God for was being selfish for having all the happiness to myself. I am really sorry…” Rehan apologised. Even though he was upset about failing, now h had the strength to get up and fight harder. This wasn’t the end of his life. This failure had made him strong and he was going to build a bright future for himself.

“The biggest thing you learnt now is to stand up when you fall down and start moving ahead. Learn from your mistakes. And make new ones!” God laughed and vanished the next second.

Rehan had learnt his lesson.


This article is dedicated to all those beautiful young souls who didn’t clear their exams. Don’t loose heart chaps! This isn’t the end of your life. No exam can ever judge your intelligence, remember that.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

Traveller | Writer | Photographer | Maverick | Social Worker | Lawyer | A freedom-loving woman for whom words are like wings to her soul. She believes in aliens, hates boundaries and lives like the first human on Earth.

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