Could You Be Related To Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan one of the most powerful leader in the world history, and the Mongol empire. There are studies that a lot of people are direct descendants are don’t know it!

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Who was Genghis Khan? He is faint-memory of something we learnt in history, isn’t he? Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol empire who united many nomadic tribes in Asia. He conquered most of the territories of ‘Eurasia’ in the 12th and 13th centuries. He was considered to be a violent and ruthless ruler who amassed a huge empire.

The descendants of the great and powerful Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan are specifically called as ‘Genghisids’.

As per the estimation of the studies conducted, 1 in 12.5 of the whole population in Asia and 1 in 200 of the whole population in the world is directly descended from the Mongol King Genghis Khan! This descent is known as altan urag (golden lineage).  The 13th century ruler Genghis Khan has left the largest and vast contagious empire in the history, and all this due to his actions.

There have been questionable acts committed by Genghis Khan during the time of his reign that make this doubt him all the way, due to his actions of raping the women, after Khan and his army defeated that respective area’s army. Khan used to get to choose the first woman and there is no record of how many have been impregnated by Khan.

The scientists have discovered that this lineage discovered is nearly 1000 years old in Mongolia, and Genghis Khan’s body was never found so there is no subsequent DNA of his body.

As per the data in the year of 2003, a ground-breaking historical genetics paper reported that, 8% of the men – approximately 16 million individuals – who resided in the former Mongol empire almost all of them carry Y-chromosomes that were first carried by Genghis Khan!

Y-chromosomes can only be passed on from father to son.  Years ago, a descent from Genghis Khan became a reason for pride amongst many. His descendants in India, the Timurids prided over it too.

As per the speculations one of Genghis Khan’s son is thought to have 40 sons of his own. Genghis Khan’s one of the grandson had 22 legitimate sons, and he would add 30 virgins to his harem each other. Due to all this Genghis Khan’s dynasty started growing and there are ample of people with his Y-Chromosome.

Khan left a genetic legacy of his DNA and chromosomes in people in world today, and with growing population his chromosomes never died.

On the research conducted Genghis Khan belonged to the haplogroup R-M343 (R1b). Mongolia’s famous actor Batdorj-in Baasanjab alias Ba Sen is also Genghis Khan’s descendant from the Chagatai village. The dynasties descended from the Mongol ruler include in China, Persia, Siberia and the Central Asia.

The famous Timur Lenk claimed that he was a descent from the chagatai village and Genghis Khan.

Today, in the world history Genghis Khan was the most powerful leader and the one with most number of children. Could you be related to him?

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