Craving For Rasgullas? This Woman Makes Them In Over 200 Flavours!

Say it aloud – rosogolla! Who doesn’t feel like eating this delicious Bengali sweet? Rasgullas, that are native to East India – namely Odisha and West Bengal, is a syrupy dessert made with Chenna cheese (a type of Indian cottage cheese) that is a favourite of not just the Bengalis.

In 2016, a government committee was formed to trace the origin of this sweet and it was found that it originated in Odisha, as a form of prasad offered at Puri Jagannath Temple.

Traditionally, we know Rasgullas to be of only one flavour. But this woman from Kolkatta sells them in over 200 different flavours!

Swati Saraf, who is often referred to as the ‘rasgulla woman of Kolkata’, is an entrepreneur who sells flavours like black currant, litchi, blueberry, orange, green apple, banana, gundi pan, jeera, cappuccino, chilly and even Maggi-flavoured ones! How crazy is that? We wonder how much thought she must have put into creating these unique flavours.


Swati uses natural products to make these lovely rasgullas and avoids the use of artificial essence. She sells these delicacies since April 2016 in Tangra, Kolkata under the name of ‘Flavours Of Rasgolla’.

In an interview with the Times Of India, she was asked which flavours were her favourite, to which she had replied, “Each one of them is my favourite. But still, if I had to pick three, I would say cappuccino, gundi paan and of course, the green chilli flavour since it is sweet when you eat it, but leaves a spicy aftertaste.”


Due to her popularity, she has been getting various orders for parties and weddings. She also takes orders for customised rasgullas! She has even made vodka rasgullas once!

Along with making rasgullas, she also makes some dry snacks. Her rasgullas are priced at ₹25 per piece.

What a rasgulla revolution!

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