Dandiya ‘Raaz’ Not Dandiya Raas? Detectives’ Business Booms During Navratri

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Since a lot of years, private detectives have been hired by people to spy on someone they know during the nine days of Navratri. Bizarre?

Heer Khant

A detective named Vishal Vazir, once shared something about a case he got during Navrati while talking to Hindustan Times, “The girl was from Surat, Gujarat, and her fiancé was from Mumbai. She wanted him to come to Surat during Navratri, as it is celebrated in a big way there. But he kept making odd excuses.” Later when Vazir was hired to spy on the boy, it was found out that he had spent his last three days of Navratri at a hotel in Gorai. After playing garba for sometime, he and his friends would head to the beach with some women.

Another detective while talking to the same leading daily was hired by a girl’s father to spy on her movements. It is then that he got to know that his daughter had a boyfriend who was her gym instructor.

It is not just parents who hire detectives during Navratri. Kids do that too if they suspect that their parents are having an extra-marital affair! Or simply because they want to know where their parents are and at what time.

The detectives use special night-vision cameras to record the movements of their ‘targets’. Their fees vary from case to case as sometimes they might have to make extravagant expenses to blend in a posh crowd. Also, sometimes spying may involve a lot of travelling. Some parents feel that paying the detectives for a night is better than regretting later.

Detectives can fetch anything ranging from 20,000 per night to a lakh for nine days. There are those who would do spying for a few thousands as well. Once they have gathered evidence and given it to their clients, their job is over. They do not get involved any further and give no personal advices.

Head of  Globe Detective Agency in Ahmedabad while talking to the Times Of India said, “The main concern of parents walking into our offices is that their daughters should not get involved in any sexual activity. They want us to track them to find out if they are checking into hotels or going over to friends’ places.” Some parents also worry about their children taking drugs during this time.

Scores of other detectives have noticed a substantial rise in business during festivals and especially Navratri in Maharastra and Gujarat, specifically. While the 10pm deadline is in place in Maharastra, there are places in Gujarat where Navratri is played till the wee hours of the morning. That is what worries people the most – especially parents who have teenaged children.

The detectives have said that every year these cases go up by 20-25%!

What cases are we going to hear about this Navratri?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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