This Is Why Delhi Is So Polluted – 6 Probable Reasons

The internet is abuzz with the fact that breathing in Delhi is equal to consuming 50 cigarettes a day! Imagine how crazy that is. So what do you think is making the capital so toxic?

Here are some things which are causing constant pollution in Delhi:

1) Delhi is extremely populated – in fact, it is over populated. This has increased the pressure on the existing resources and increased traffic snarls as the number of vehicles on the road have increased.

2) Delhi is surrounded by lots of industries and some of them release and secrete hazardous chemicals which harm the environment. The chemicals pollute the clean air. While measures are being taken to filter the toxic air that is emitted out, it is evident that those measures aren’t helping.

3) Cars, buses, trucks have unclean engines and are often not maintained. Major transport vehicles run on diesel which adds to the already polluted city creating a lot of ‘dust’.

4) Yamuna is no more clean as there is a scarce of treatment facilities, the whole waste accumulates in the capital’s river which damages the air over it, which spreads eventually.

5) Infrastructure in the city has caused the depletion of flora and fauna that is essential in maintaining the air quality. As per the reports, nearly 1,00,000 trees have been cut down in this. The city’s green cover has decreased.

6) Delhi is landlocked unlike Mumbai, that is surrounded by the sea. Also, the season of winter is playing a major role as the fog, mixes with the smoke in the city, creating heavy smog in the season that is creating severe health issues.

Try and plant trees and increase the green cover in your area. Prevent this from happening in every other city of India.

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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