Diamonds Are Found In Coal Mines, Life Is Just Like That

(CA Anurag Jain)

How can someone chose the path to right actions when he lives in an environment of wrongdoings?

It happens rarely but whenever it does, it makes the whole world think.

In Indian mythology there was a demon king named Hiranyakashyap, who is known for his cruelty. He believed himself to be God, slaughtered people and raped women. He was devil incarnate.

But his son Prahlad, was a known devotee of Lord Vishnu in contrast of his father who consider Lord Vishnu as his enemy. Prahlad used to worship Lord Vishnu against his father’s will, he also motivated others to choose the path of right doings.  He used to ask his father as well, to alter his course.  Later Hiranyakashyap was killed by the Vishnu’s avtar of Narsimha.

Recently, it was in the news that Dawood Ibrahim’s son, Moin Ibrahim had refused to follow the footsteps of his father and became a Maulana. Dawood, is a known underworld don and founder of D company. His net worth is around $6.7 billion.  Unlike his father, Moin decided to walk the path that leads to God.

From his birth Moin must have seen illegal activities around him. He must have witnessed the slaughtering of people. For 31 years, he stayed in an environment that symbolised evilness. And yet, he decided to change his life and do something that was drastically opposite.

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Today many of the youngsters are getting attracted to the underworld because underworld is driven by sex, money and power, but Moin has set an example of how you can build you own life, without being influenced by the people you associate with. Your own actions will make this planet either into a heaven or hell.

Many criminals claim that it is the circumstances which has made them so but the story of Moin teaches us that it is not the circumstances but or own will that leads us to the path of criminality. Circumstances have a nature of changing, sometimes they are bad and other times they are good, one has to struggle during bad times and patiently wait for the good time but never bow their heads in front of the people who are against peace.

When we say that diamonds are found in coal mines, what we mean is a bright, sparkling hope can be found in a dark, suffocating situation. You can choose your path, no matter what be the circumstances. You are, your own creation.

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