Did You Know About The Five Levels Of Security In India?

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In a country like India security is provided to a person who is directly falling in the category of threat, and who are constantly under threat.

There are security covers of different types which depends on the level of threat to the person and his position which is an equivalent criteria for the provision of security.

Security is provided by National Security Guard Commandos, Police and Local Government.

President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Supreme Court and High Court Judges, Governors of the State, Chief Ministers and Cabinet Ministers are some who are those who fall into the these categories of security.

There are five categories of security (four that are non-classified):

1) Z+ Security Cover:

As of today, 17 VVIPs have the provision of Z+ security cover in India. The commandos are well trained in martial arts and unarmed combat fighting, equipped with sophisticated MP5 sub-machine guns and modern communication gadgets.

The cover includes 36 personnel including 10 commandos, police personnel and a National Security Guard exclusively to protect the VVIP. This kind of cover is extremely rare.

2) Z Level Security Cover:

This is a level down than the former security cover which includes 22 personnel including 4 or 5 National Security Guard Commando and police personnel. This security is provided by the Delhi Police of the ITBP or the CRPF personnel with one escort car.

This is the second level in hierarchy and the compared to Z+ level of security, there are more number of VIPs who have this cover.

3) Y Level Security Cover:

This is another level down than the Z security cover having 11 personnel including 1 or 5 commandos and a Police personnel. This security is provided with two person security officers ( PSOs).

4) X Level Security Cover:

This cover includes 2 or 5 only armed Police personnel along with 1 personal security officer.

5) Special Protection Group:

This is the last one but it does not include in the list of the security category, and was formed some years after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. This provision provides security to PMs, former PMs and their immediate family members. For the former PMs and their families, this security forces cannot extend a year beyond of leaving office unless there is a direct threat to them. More information about this is classified.

VVIP security is decided by a committee which consists of Intelligence Bureau Officials, the Home Secretary and Home Minister. Such instances have occurred that security is also provided on the recommendations of the State Government.

President, Vice President, Prime Minister, SC and HC Judges, Governors of the state, CMs, Cabinet Ministers and Chiefs of the Indian armed forces automatically this security cover.

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