Did You Know That Raj Kapoor Got Entry Into Russia Once Without A Visa? Here’s The Story

Known as the ‘greatest showman’ of the Bollywood industry, Raj Kapoor was one of the finest actors, producers and directors we had. He is known for movies across the globe and one such country where today also his legacy his followed is, Russia.

After the release of ‘Sangam’ which was critically and commercially acclaimed in India, it garnered more success in Russia as people over there connected themselves with the theme of the movie. After the success of his movies, people had begun getting to know him in the other parts of Europe, when he was working on one of his most ambitious film, ‘Mera Naam Joker’. He himself was the director of the movie and the actor too, Kapoor was shooting with a Russian circus trope which was also the part of the movie.

Raj Kapoor In Moscow, Russia | Photo: The Hindu Archives

There is one such incident which defined the length of his success as an artist, he landed in Moscow, but the actor thought that he had a visa, but he did not have a visa! Despite not having one he was welcomed. This was his heights of recognition he had in Russia.

This was one incident which his younger son and actor, Rishi Kapoor shared with IANS about his father, “But he did not have a visa to come to Moscow. Still, they welcomed Raj Kapoor… There was no welcome committee for him because he landed unannounced. So he got outside waiting for a taxi… By then people started recognizing that Raj Kapoor is in Moscow. His taxi came and he sat in. Suddenly what he saw was that the taxi was not moving forward and instead is going up. The people took the car on their shoulders!”

Raj Kapoor In Moscow, Russia | Photo: The Hindu Archives

Raj Kapoor had made his legacy in the world through his movies and his family believes in following the legacy, and taking it forward. Ranbir Kapoor his grandson does not just aim to become a better actor with his coming movies, but he also has interest in directing movies, like Raj Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor was asked about stardom and he shared this same exact incident of Raj Kapoor in Russia.

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