Did You Know The Story Behind Delhi’s Mysterious Malcha Mahal?

Malcha Mahal is one of the most haunted places in Delhi, the place in itself and the surroundings of it too.

The 600 years old Malcha Mahal has a story which has been developed by rumours and the people living around it, given more fire by the public. But is there smoke without fire?

There one tale that says that to find out the truth behind the ‘hauntings’ of Malcha Mahal, a journalist went in but never came out. The truth, lies in the history of the place.

There used to live a Begum of Oudh with whom all the mystery of the Mahal is associated. Malcha Mahal was originally owned by one the powerful kings of Delhi, Tughlaq. The place had a purpose of a (Shikargaah) hunting lodge – the haunted Malcha Mahal has a history of tragedy.

After the death of Tughlaq, the Britishers occupied Malcha Mahal under government’s The Land Acquisition Act of 1894. People living in the mysterious mahal were separated, killed, displaced somewhere in misery, along the period of time.

Finally the land of Malcha Mahal was under the control of the Indian government. Begum Wilayat Mahal of Awadh, the Begum of Oudh and the great granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah were granted the Malcha Mahal as a compensation, reason being that these lands were snatched by the Britishers from the original Nawab a century ago.

The government just did not grant the land – the Begum had to work for it. She spent 10 years on protesting on the New Delhi Railway Station for the return of the ancestral land with her 2 children and their dog in the VIP lounge.

The Begum’s family was then living inside the Malcha Mahal, without electricity, water and no basic amenities for themselves and all this had a huge impact on the family.

After doing so much, Begum Wilayat was very shattered from within, and she committed suicide on September 10th, 1993 by consuming crushed diamonds. Begum’s 2 children could not even bury her, as her body was kept on the desk for 10 days and the children slept with her dead body!

The trouble doesn’t end here. People had speculations that there is a lot of treasure hidden inside the Mahal in 1994. So some people dug-out Begum’s grave for the imaginary treasure. The 2 siblings could not see the grave of their mother being vandalized anymore, so they dug up the grave and burned the begum’s body.

After so much happening the court gave the family members of the Begum guns, dogs for protection along with 2 reclusive royals. So enter the Malcha Mahal at your own risk and beware of being gunned down.

Photo : travelplanet.in

The last descendant of the Oudh family, Prince Ali Raza (the son of Begum Wilayat) died a very painful death recently on September 3. His sister, Princess Sakina Mahal died a few months ago.

Prince Raza lived a hand to mouth existence. He had to even look for food! He was often seen wandering in the forests of Chanakyapuri but when the locals did not see him for a few days, they alerted the police and the police found him dead in his Mahal.

Prince Raza had given an interview to The Indian Express in 1997 after his mother died. He had said, “My sister is in deep distress and since the Begum died, she has been wearing black. She has not comber her hair even once.”

Reports say that his few friends from the field of journalism kept him company in his last days…other than that he was very lonely till he passed away.

Not the Mahal is empty…and the stories of it being haunted are narrated even more.

Preview Photo : The Indian Express

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