Disabled Students Need Not Stand-up For The National Anthem

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Disabled students along with 21 types of disabilities in the disability bill, need not stand up for the national anthem in Karnataka.

Karnataka’s higher department of education has requested for a relief that disabled students should be exempted from standing in national anthem, sung or played.

Supreme Court told last year, “If a physically challenged or handicapped person goes to the cinema hall to watch a film, he/she need not stand up if incapable to stand, he/she must show conduct which is commensurate with respect for the national anthem.”

This rule is now also extended to disabled students in universities and colleges – they do not have to stand up for the national anthem if it is played or sung. The higher education department of Karnataka has said that this rule is also applicable for the rest 21 kinds of disabilities which are included in the Rights of Persons with Disability Bill.

When this order was passed by the Supreme Court R Rajaram, the head of the English Department in St Joseph’s college, told the TOI that, “ Its a good idea as there is no need to judge patriotism of a person through a physical gesture.”

Though R Rajaram was not satisfied or happy with the move, indicating towards the misconceptions and ideas of the people in connection to patriotism, that for such a thing there is a requirement of an order from the court which is a common sense.

Often, there are incidents when someone does not stand up for the national anthem in cinema halls, and the other people pick a fight that also gets violent in most cases.

Will this rule be implemented in other states as well?

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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